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Cage Fighting - Survival of the Fittest

READ MORE: Cage Fighting - Survival of the Fittest
Fight fans had to stand in a long, slow moving line Saturday evening to get into the Schwartz Center in downtown Wilmington. The rain certainly made matters worse. Joe Strange, a ticketholder, was upset about having to stand in the line for over an hour: "These people ought to be ashamed of themselves, making people stand in line like this in the rain, give me a break." Inside, the action was non-stop, fast paced and brutal. For some, too brutal, but that's what mixed martial arts cage fighting is all about. The sport is not for the faint of heart. The fans were enthusiastic though, perhaps that was due to the ring girls? Kari Sutter of Wilmington, a first time attendee of cage fighting told us: "It was really exciting, I'm kinda new to this sport, so it was really exciting and fun." Justin Pascarella added: "I guess the whole thing is a buzz, it was cool, watched a couple guys get beat up." The verdict is not unanimous though on cage fighting. It really depends on who you ask. Basedon the reaction of the Wilmington fight fans that packed the hosue, don't be surprised if Carolina Fight Promotions returns to Wilmington in the not too distant future. Footnote: Getting in the cage is an individual choice. Nobody made the fighters get in. Most likely, the vast majority of them will do it again.

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Instead of complaining, be

Instead of complaining, be glad mma is legal now. The fighters train harder than most people work so they can please a crowd. Be appreciative of the dreams and endless endeavours of others.

cage fighting

It was great. worth the wait in the rainy line but when they turned off the a\c at 9:30 that was not right.

It Rocked!

There was nothing lame about the bouts and the fighters were top notch. The line was outrageous considering it was a pre-ticket holder line. The pouring rain didn't help matters. There were lots of people in the wrong line and they had no idea. There really seemed to be a lack of organization in handling the crowd prior to the event. The action was fast and only had one 10 min break between the amateur and professional bouts. I'll be back in Feb when the next event is supposed to be scheduled! Hopefully Evolution will be there because they really had their fighter in for the win. Btw, we bought our tickets at Britt Motorsports on Market. You could also pruchase them at the event or on the site.

Awesome event...Evolution

Awesome event...Evolution cleaned house! Several of their amateurs looked as if they could have been pro because they seemed to be so well rounded with their technique, as well as being in top notch physical shape. Where is Evolution located? I was really blown away by their fighters...7-0 I think, on the night! Carolina Fight Promotions put on a top notch event. Yea, the line and hot gym sucked but the atmosphere was great. Can't wait til the next fight in February!

It was

The tickets were $20 and it was a cluster mess out there.. It was very obvious the organizers did not know how to organize. The pro fights were lame, but the local guys were awesome. Had it not been so much a zoo, it would not have been that bad, but the lack of organization made it not worth going.


I attended the fight and loved everything except that line to get in. It would'nt have been so bad,but the line for people who didn't have tickets was faster than the one for people with tickets. Something will definately have to change with this before I go back.

Cage Fighting

How do you go about purchasing tickets and how much were they?