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Calabash shooting follow-up

READ MORE: Calabash shooting follow-up
Last weekend, two men were killed at a home near Calabash. The victims' families have been looking for answers ever since. The victim's families met today with Brunswick County Sheriff's Department and district attorneys to discuss the investigation. The victims are Donovan Morrison and Calvin Mosley. The identity of the alleged shooter has not been released, and as of today no one has been charged. Saturday, Brunswick County Sheriff's Department responded to a home at 99 Calabash Road, after receiving three 911 calls. Detectives said the shooting was the result of a confrontation between the victims and the resident of the home. The confrontation may have been drug related. In today's meeting with law enforcement officers, Morrison and Mosley's families heard the 911 calls. Those calls lead to even more questions. Lorna Marlow, Calvin Mosley's mother said, "Whenever the 911 call came from supposedly a house, from a cell phone, it sounded like they were ordering pizza, it didn't sound to me like they were concerned with two dead persons in their yard that someone had shot on their premises." The Sheriff's Department says they conducted a thorough investigation, and turned it over to the District Attorney's office to decide on charges. According to the District Attorney's office, the reason there have been no charges made so far is because they are reviewing the case to determine if the shooting deaths were justified or not.

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that is what happen in

that is what happen in brunswick county if you have family on the force you can get away with anything black on black crime ron h rex gore think about it

calabash shooting

i heard the 911 calls, the guy was saying his friend and the other guy started a fight with the other person and then got shot ....hmm, lets see these 2 people went to someone elses house in the middle of the night and started a fight and then got shot..i am going to take a guess it was 2 against one. last i checked, it was not against the law to protect yourself or your home