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Campaign shirt rumors exposed

There is a rumor circulating via e-mail and text message, warning Obama supporters not to wear any clothing with his name on it to the polls. The e-mail said that people who wear hats and t-shirts with a candidates name on it, will be turned away by polling officials. The New Hanover County Board of Elections said the e-mail is false. People can wear whatever they want to the polls, as long as they aren't verbally persuading others to vote for a particular candidate within the polling site. "You can wear whatever it is you want to wear inside the voting place when you come to vote, but you cannot proceed in such a fashion where you are promoting a different candidate or issue." said Bonnie Williams, director of elections for New Hanover County. Typically there is a 50 foot buffer zone around polling sites, meaning any electioneering or campaigning is not allowed past that fifty foot mark.

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I really don't care what

I really don't care what anyone is wearing they can wear whatever they want because if they do have anything on their clothes supporting obama it will not make me decide to vote for him anyway, I don't intend to vote for anyone that cannot and will not salute the United States of America. Wake up people what kind of people do you think is running for President, and that goes for every person running. Especially Obama, and I am a registered Democrate, and have always voted Democrate but not this year.

No S, S-Lock!

I will bet you dollars to doughnuts that the source of this hoax is a liberal. They are notorious for creating a straw man and then beating up that straw man. In other words, they create a stupid anonymous hoax and then blame it on conservatives trying to oppress them, and they then try to use this "evidence" of the intolerance of conservatives to persuade you to see things their way. It's all really silly. Only a liberal would believe a stunt like this to be believable.

Right, because you see SO

Right, because you see SO MANY people around town wearing McCain/Palin shirts. Please.

to rte!

an obama/biden tee would make a he$l of a good grease rag or dog bed. trust'll at least get a little something out of it. VOTE JOHN MCCAIN PRESIDENT!!!!!

8 more years

Vote for McCain!!! That is, if you want 4 more years of failed Bush policies. Lets face it, the last 8 years have ruined this country. So yeah vote for McCain if you want a chance for the economy to get even worse.(If that is even possible)

read more into the facts

read more into the facts than what MSNBC is pumping into your tiny brain. the last 8 years of Bush was in large part fixing the prior 8 years of clinton. NAFTA anyone? Didn't willy have bin laden in the cross hairs and did not move? imagine where we would be today if not for those two blunders. much better off, obviously.


YOUR A KOOL-AID drinker! The whole 8 more years thing is a LIE and people that have HALF a brain can see thru it. McCain CONSISTENTLY goes against Bush and his policies. Heck, McCain goes against the REPUBLICANS on issues. guys are like a bunch of ZOMBIES...if Obama told you to bow down and pronounce him LORD AND GOD...YOU guys would do it! Liberals just make me laugh...makes me thankful I have a GREAT college education and can think for myself instead of having others TELL me how to think.

Ah, but why does Mccain himself claim.....

...that he has voted with Bush ninety percent of the time? Simple answer - the McCain campaign is doomed because of its ineptness. Obama's voting record and Socialist rhetoric should doom his bid, but the McCain campaign refuses to capitalize on either. Think of it....Obama, Pelosi, and Reid. We're doomed. The saps, suckers, Socialists and sc**bags will control the castle in January.


why are you liberals so sarcastic about everything? If you would spend as much time researching your horrible obama/biden ticket as you do thinking of words that rhyme with mccain or palin (mcshame, failin, etc.) you might get a clearer view of the mess you are trying to get this country into.


CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE..we need CHANGE...then he picks...BIDEN for his running mate...THAT is not change...that is OLD SCHOOL DEMOCRAT thought...most didn't notice, but Obama's website statements CHANGED when he picked Biden...nothing that Obama wants to change is for the good of those who work hard and like to keep our money!