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Mayoral candidate complains of sign removal

WILMINGTON -- It wouldn't be campaign season without campaign signs, which inevitably spawn campaign controversy. One mayoral candidate says his campaign signs are being taken down unfairly, and he's taken his complaint to the district attorney. They're the political version of commercial advertising. Campaign signs designed to catch your attention - and sway your vote. "If you interfere with my campaign to cause me to lose, that's a big issue," said LaNasa. Wilmington city mayoral candidate Justin LaNasa was upset when he was told by property owners city workers were removing his signs from their private property. "My signs are being taken up illegally off private property at the command of higher-ups in the city," said LaNasa. LaNasa took his concerns to the city manager, the city attorney, and other public officials. LaNasa says all he got was the runaround. Now he's taking his complaint to New Hanover County District Attorney Ben David. "I would like him to press this matter with the state, doing a state investigation on certain individuals in the city who aren't doing their job," said LaNasa. "I think anyone who's running for mayor should understand the rules of the campaign," said Jim Quinn. Wilmington Councilman Jim Quinn has no sympathy for LaNasa. He doubts the city would take down signs arbitrarily, and says candidates need to know the rules of where signs can and cannot be placed. Quinn says as a candidate for mayor, LaNasa should have more important things to worry about, and should stop wasting city resources. "In the big picture of things, I don't think anybody ever got elected because they had signs or didn't have signs." LaNasa is not the only one with sign troubles. Rumors have been flying about Mayor Bill Saffo's signs not complying with size restrictions. The rules say a candidate's sign cannot be more than 12 square feet. But after measuring Saffo's sign, we found it only measures 10 square feet, putting him within the allowed size limit. Former Mayor Harper Peterson is also running this year. Election day is October 9.

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Alittle something to notice

Being in law enforcement,prior to what i do now I've learn, a little about attention to detail, as every one can notice, it's the same person who scared to use there real name, messing up the spelling of my name, (lanasaa) an trying to discredit me, You Folks be the Judge Respectfully Justin LaNasa


The City missed numerous Lanasaa signs today. I was driving home from work and noticed that at many locations they are still standing. What do we pay these people for? These are my Tax dollars. Would Lanassa stand for this type of behavior if he was Mayor. I think not. Remember in "Dodgeball" when Ben Stiller calls Pete Laflure "Laloser". I think that name fits, other than "big whiney butt", and nobody is stealing your sign's Laloser.You cant even bring yourself to vote in a local election and I'm supposed to believe in you? Is Ricky going to be your vice-mayor?

Sign removal

I tried earlier today to make a video of a city truck stopping and taking a sign from a location and putting it in the back of the truck. Instead I have a couple of frames of this happening. It is clear this in a city white truck and the sign was not a Saffo for mayor sign that was within feet of this one removed.

it's gotta be the city

yep, it's gotta be the city. who else would own a white truck.


I am TIRED OF POLITICIANS PERIOD. I DETEST them all. The large majority of them could give a RIP about real issues. I'm tired of hearing the crying and whining. I see signs on the side of the road, I consider it LITTER. Election years SUCK as I have to spend WASTED time watching slam ads, seeing stupid banners and getting phone calls, which is why I no longer have a home phone.

Next poll

Next poll question: Who is planning to write in Ricky Meeks in LaNassa's place because he is apparently out of his mind. But that is LaNassa for you.. always blaming his problems on everything else. Quinn said it right... Stop wasting our time LaNassa !

Justin, you dont stand a snowballs chance.... winning this election so stop whining and making up false stories about city workers "stealing" your signs. I've seen yours all over town, I have also seen Saffo's. A much higher quality sign for a much more qualified candidate. Oh, and why does WWAY have to throw in that Harper is a candidate? The story was about Saffo vs. LaNassa. Nobody cares about Harper.


There are plenty of Saffo's signs put out in the right-of-way areas along our roads and intersections that do in fact block the view of a driver from seeing what is coming down the street. Those should be taken down by anyone that notices the hazard and they should get a pat on the back.

Police Department

I guess that 12 foot square rule is the one keeping us all from having a large, well lit sign in front of the new, multi-million dollar police headquarters. Brilliant. Here's the next poll... who believes the City is taking down LaNasa's sign arbitrarily and who believes they are taking down his signs intentionaly and then dis-avowing any knowledge or complicity???

who cares

Who cares, they're political signs....I wish they'd take them all down, they make the area look bad. Like anyone's gonna vote for someone just by seeing their sign on the side of the road. If you're mad they took them down and they were in areas where it was OK for them to be, then put new ones up...stop wasting peoples time trying to figure out who took them down. I just hope those running remember to take their signs down after the election

I have a feeling that the

I have a feeling that the city is taking them down on purpose. LaNasa isn't your normal canidate, and that's what I like about him. Considering we are in the bible belt a tatoo shop owner, sporting his own art, isn't a normal choice. Unfortunatly most people will stereotype him and he probably won't win. I certainly hope he does really well though, and perhaps if free thinkers get up on the 9th and vote he may win.

Saffo's Army of Creeps

Supposedly Saffo had City workers doing his campaign work and calling media outlets on his behalf. All the incumbents arranged for an advertisement, a promotional "newsletter", to be sent to every household in Wilmington at taxpayer expense. I don't put it past Saffo or his creeps, i mean peeps, to direct city workers to take out his opponent's signs. These are the same people, the Saffo, Tomey, Padgett crowd who got Jason Thompson to call the media and attack Councilwoman DeLairs personal finances. I guess now its Quinn's turn to play pitbull for the corrupt developers crowd.

Maybe this poll should be revised:

Regardless of the back and forth over who's signs are where or how big they are...I would gather that city employee's just might have more things to do like, oh I don't know, help run the city's day to day activities?, rather than sneak around taking down signs. Please...that's ridiculous and petty to assume. I don't think SIGNS matter as to who really gets elected in the end. The only time a sign makes someone vote for you is because they are usually uniformed about politics to begin with and vote for the person whose name they've seen the most. Maybe this is why Lanasa is worried about losing his sign coverage. Does he really know what a mayor does? It seems like he's running on a personal vendetta than to actually better the community. Anyways, I think that the new poll should be whether or not you think someone who keeps causing so much unnecessary controversy in the media and Wilmington area would change their course and start raising productive inquiries upon being elected to office instead of wasting the people's tax dollars on paranoia and ill-conceived notions? I think not. Let's leave the decision making to the people of Wilmington then I suppose....


the signs are a freaking eye sore. Bunch of insecure wannabees that need attention so they plaster their names and even more funny pics all over the streets. Didn't mommy give you boys and girls enough attention when you were kids? I say take them all down. I can't put it my business sign all over can I?