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Cancer-stricken girl gets pink fire truck


Kayla Nunnery was diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkin's Lymphoma last year. Today she's not thinking about that.
Instead, she's thinking pink.

A 1984 spartan firetruck from the Bluffton Township Fire Department near Hilton Head, SC was purchased for Kayla to help the efforts by her family and friends to bring awareness to Kayla's disease.
They say they aren't sure the reality that the truck is named after her has sunk in - but Kayla seems to like the truck. I was like wow! It's pink.", Kayla said.

Kayla's father is happy to be here for this special day with his daughter.
"This is probably the most awesome thing I've seen in a long time especially having so many people come together and be here for my daughter"

Jonathan Smith, a friend of Kayla's family, took out a $2,500 loan to pay for the fire truck. He knew this would be a worthwhile cause but he still had that dark cloud of having to pay back that money over his head. Then, there was a surprise.

Steve McKinley who is the batallion chief of the Bluffton Fire Department presented Jonathan with a check for 2500 dollars - the amount smith paid for the truck. They now owned the "Kayla" free and clear. Smith was overcome with emotion.

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Pink Firetruck?

I'm a little confused...what is the significance of a pink firetruck? Did she want to be a firewoman? Seems like the money would be better going to cancer research rather than an old any event if it cheers her up oh well...guess it serves some purpose

Guess you have never known

Guess you have never known or have had a child with cancer to say something like that.

Why a Pink Firetruck, Here's Why!

Any questions relating to why a pink firetruck are summed up beautifully in this video. Take the time to watch it, you'll be glad that you did.

What is the significance of

What is the significance of a pink ribbon? Why do we start looking at pink baby items when we find out that a fiend is having a little girl?

The fire truck is operated by Guardians of the Ribbon - NC, a non-profit organization. The organization was started by firemen that cared enough about the women and children in their comunity that they started wearing pink shirts. While that shirts do not cure cancer it does provide a visible sign of support to all who face it. The fire truck is a way to get the general public's attention and bring them out to fundraisers, this is just like a store bringing in a race care or celebrity. We ask that fire, police and EMS department join us in wearing pink on Oct 25th-27th. We also ask that they hold a fundraiser with the money raised goes to local charities, treatment centers, and groups that help woman and children in their fight against cancer.

Also the pink fire trucks gives hope to those that have faced cancer. How you ask? The trucks are named after those that have faced cancer, such as Kayla, and are signed by them and others. It is these signature that go where ever the truck go that lets cancer patients know that they are not alone. You may not understand it but ask a cancer patient and you will find that they do.

"Kayla" the PINK fire truck

"Kayla" the PINK fire truck is owned by Smith and is operated by Guardians of the Ribbon - NC Chapter, a non-profit group started by Smith. Guardians of the Ribbon - NC is a volunteer group made up of members from Fire, Police, and EMS departments working to raise awareness and support for women and children and their fight cancer. One of the ways we do this is by wearing PINK. We ask that all Fire, Police, EMS, Elected officials, and everyone to join our "Cares Enough to Wear PINK" campaign.

If you would like more information please contact us at or call Jonathan Smith at 910-840-3080. Also you can find us on Facebook.