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Candidate Profile: 9th District Senate candidate Jim Leutze

READ MORE: Candidate Profile: 9th District Senate candidate Jim Leutze

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- We continue our series of candidate profiles. This week we're focusing on the 9th District state Senate race. Tonight we meet the man behind UNCW for more than a decade. Now Democrat Jim Leutze has his eyes on Raleigh.

Leutze grew up a Maryland farm boy. A football scholarship took him to Syracuse, which was his first step to his PhD. Leutze served in the Air Force later returning to acedemia as a professor, college president and most recently as chancellor at UNCW, a position he held until 2003. So with all this experience why go into politics now?

"I guess the question is more likely why shouldn't I run for Senate?," Leutze said. "I think I have the experience. I have the energy. I have the knowledge. I have the temperament, and temperament is an important thing. We're going to have to go to Raleigh and work on very difficult matters, and you have to have somebody who is used to working with groups, who is a consensus builder."

Leutze says he is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and face issues head on. He looks forward to bringing our part of the state together, saying that issues in the Senate have become larger and complex.

"A lot of the problems we face, whether they be coastal problems, water problems or air problems, don't respect county lines. So I want to pull together a coalition of southeastern North Carolina representatives to work for a common good," Leutze said.

In his spare time Leutze is an avid outdoorsman. He also likes to dabble in the kitchen. All that aside Leutze says he's just eager to get in office.

"I've never run for political office. I've often been urged to run for political office, and never done it, but now is the time in my life I can do it," Leutze.

Leutze looks forward to wrapping up the campaign on a strong note. He hopes he and his opponent Republican Thom Goolsby can find time for at least one more debate.

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I would not vote for tax and spend dems or republicans who are part of present poor play along get along system.

WE CAN'T AFFORD LEUTZ OR dawson and catlin who are superficial republicans and both have been part of conflicts we have with present leaders. I'd rather have hamilton and causey than these two jokers.

Dawson, Catlin,

Dawson, Catlin, YES!
Pantano, Goolsby, Berger- no..way.

Defeat liberals

I agree with comments below we need elected officals who will hold the line on taxes and watch spending--we need to live within our means for the sake of our children--families do it--government needs to---but the dem fringe i control will not.

tax and spend

WE need to vote for republicans who will vote against higher taxes and wasteful spending. Pantano-Goolsby-Dawson-Berger and Catlin are all betetr than local dems who are tax and spend folks like the folks in DC>

Liberal infestation in Raleigh

We do not need another liberal elite in Raleigh representing our community. The state Democratic party has controlled the agenda in Raleigh for over 100 years. They do not have any fresh ideas and have been plaqued by corruption for many years.Leutze would not have a very high standard to live up to if he where to be elected state senator , given the Democratic - controlled clowns that currently occupy the state capital.I am not losing much sleep over Leutze's potential bid for state senator. I will be turning out for early voting in support of THOM GOOLSBY , the only choice in the ninth district. Mr. Leutze , with all the free time you are going to have on your hands , how about lending a helping hand to Rosie over there at Lil Harvard of the Carolinas - Mid Major.


You hit the nail on the head! We do not need another elitist who considers himself superior to the masses and thinks he knows how to spend our money better than we do.