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ONLY ON 3: McIntyre says he'll support Pelosi opposition if reelected

READ MORE: Candidate Profile: Rep. Mike McIntyre says he'll support Pelosi opposition if reelected

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Mike McIntyre has represented the 7th Congressional District in southeastern North Carolina for more than a decade. The Democrat is up for reelection again, but the road to keep his seat has become a 24-hour task, campaigning to fend off the challenger Ilario Pantano.

"This is home, and we want to help our home, and as long as God gives us the strength and people give us the opportunity, then that's what we would like to do is serve," McIntyre said.

McIntyre is a familiar face among voters. The Democrat from Robeson County was first elected to serve back in 1996. He says representing his home is one of the most fulfilling jobs he's ever had.

"Southeastern North Carolina has always been my home," McIntyre said. "I grew up in Lumberton. My family has been here for over 200 years. In fact some of my ancestors landed at the Port of Wilmington."

McIntyre believes being from this area has helped him be a successful Congressman; understanding where his constituents are coming from.

"We know the people. We know the issues. This has been home for us all these years," he said.

In his time away from work, McIntyre enjoys working out and spending time with his sons on the golf course.

"Once every seven to eight weeks, if I get a couple of hours. Sometimes three to four hours with one of my boys to go play golf. We have beautiful golf courses in this area," McIntyre said.

Out of all the races this election season, McIntyre has one of the most talked about and controversial.

"It's horrible when you have given your heart and soul to an area you love to have your record and your reputation distorted and almost virtually destroyed by half truths and outright deceptive advertising," he said. "I have to be straight forward about that, because people who know me know that I have always worked with people on both sides of the aisle. I work with people on the issue not whether it's a republican or democratic issue but what is the issue. I don't think our beaches are only open to Democrats or Republicans, and I know our health clinics and hospitals are not, and I know our military bases are not."

Despite all the activity, McIntyre says he's focused on the task at hand: keeping his seat in Congress. But many voters want to know about his support for controversial House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. During a live interview on WWAY NewsChannel 3 at 5:30 Thursday, McIntyre, a moderate Blue Dog Democrat, says he won't support her to be Speaker again if reelected.

"From what we're hearing, she's probably not going to run for Speaker again. And if she does, I'm confident she's going to have opposition, and I look forward to supporting that opposition," McIntyre said. "We want to have a more moderate type of alternative for leadership, and I'm confident we're gonna have that alternative. You know, when she had opposition before, I voted for her opposition, not for her. And we're expecting her to have opposition this time."

Next week we'll sit down with Pantano to find out more about him and his campaign to win McIntyre's seat in Washington.

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Pantano had the Iraqis' handcuffs taken off, told the guy with him to turn around, then pumped the Iraqis full of lead in the back. I don't like Mike, but I'm going to hold my nose and vote for him so we're not represented by a nutcase.

Take the time to hunt down the autopsy report

According to the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology at Dover AFB, the forensic evidence supports Pantano.

They were NOT shot in the back.

How could I not vote for Pantano?

How could I not vote for Pantano? One day, I will have to explain to my son that America was attacked...and I did nothing. I sent a check to the victims from the comforts of my home. Pantano reenlisted. That was the patriotism my Grandfather bestowed to me. The real war is here in the United States. Against Progressive policies that are by definition...Socialism. I do not believe that the Government can fix anything. Early voting is an exercise in what freedom is up against. The massive infrastructure (New Hanover County Gov Complex) of government is choking the citizens. I pay $5500 a year in property taxes. For what? Furthermore, I called McIntyre's office before the 2008 election, demanding citizenship confirmation of POTUS. His staff scoffed at the very notion. Who is scoffing now. Simple logic...produce the Birth Certificate. Due Diligence is required. Examine the facts. Their battle plan is one of distraction, making fun of Birthers. But debate them on the facts, and they get real sensitive. And therein lies the problem with voting for a Democrat in 2010. Power has destroyed their Principles. A President is in office that we cannot(disallowed) verify his status. A Congress is in office that jams legislation down our throats (Healthcare, Cap&Trade, GaysMilitary, Estate Taxes) without debate or public opinion. Judges that legislate on the bench. I have learned my lesson. I will never vote for a Democrat again. Pantano, I am awake now. Let's open fire on these Progressives.

A liar or a murderer? What's the 3rd option?

Not sure which is worse, the liar we have or the murderer we could have. I guess I'll have to write in, as neither one of these guys deserves my vote. I've voted in every election and have the scars to prove it!!

Looks to me like McIntyre's

Looks to me like McIntyre's only saying this because he knows he won't have to worry about it, if the Republicans take over the House this fall then Pelosi is done as Speaker regardless. Kind of late to oppose her now..


I promise, Ill support whoever you want me to!!!

Just keep my crooked lazy butt in congress.


Dear Mike

Please run as a Republican next time. That appears to be where your heart is. Democrats need a real choice, not 2 Republicans.

Judging by the tone in his

Judging by the tone in his voice, and the way he answered the question, Mike is pandering BIG TIME! he knows he's going to lose in November and he's just trying to get some votes from some those Moderate McIntrye Fake Republican Voters.

Mike voted for Pelosi as speaker before in 2007 and 2009.

I don't care how much of a "conservative" Mike claims to be, until he changes his party affliation he is aligned with the Obama Agenda,

which is an agenda that's harming America!!

I've been to all 4 debates, Mike looks at the walls and space when he addresses the audience, Pantano speaks from the heart and he looks directly at the audience, Mike also takes notes when Pantano speaks, Pantano listens.

Which one do you think is telling the truth?

Pantano is my vote!

Blue Dog ?

Evidentally I don't know what a Blue Dog Democrat is. I thought I was one. You know, "I'd vote for a blue dog if it was running as a democrat". I've voted for Mike several times, and I'll do it again this year. Why, because I'm a blue dog democrat. I predict that if Mike stays in politics, he'll eventually run as a republican. He has no trouble voting with them. Maybe the Blue Dog will turn into a Blue Elephant.

blue dog dems

Actually, the blue dog reference is a counterpoint to Southern "yellow dog" Democrats who'd vote for a yellow dog if it had a "D' by its name. Billy Tauzin, Jr [LA-03 1980-2005] and other southern conservatives would meet in his offices, which had a locally famous (LA)artist, Rodrigue's, painting of his blue ghost dog on the wall.Tauzin co-founded the Blue Dog Coalition before switching to the Republican party in 1995. It's a clever little play on words.

Pantano vs McIntyre

McIntyre is a Democrat? Well, he votes like a Republican. So being the good Democrat I am, I can't stand to vote for either candidate!


First he was for Pelosi --now during an elction cycle he's against Pelosi. On taxes, stimulas and Obamacare--we all know where Marvelus Mike has stood. Locally in state and county races we have tax and spend ultra liberals like Leutz, Hamilton, Butler and Causey--they were for County tax increase-they are for more spending--but they are same phonies of convenience just like Mike.
Pelosi represents the worst in our party-which has degenerated at the National, State and local levels with the extreme left wing. We simply can't afford them and we should see through their smear and fear tactics. VOTE REPUBLICAN ALL THE WAY--SEND THESE INCOMPETENTS A MESSAGE--NO MORE

Apparently you're just not

Apparently you're just not happy with Mike and don't really care for the facts.

Another desperate attempt.

Another desperate attempt by McIntyre to retain his seat so he can further Obama's socialist agenda. The people of NC7 are not stupid.

What you say may be true

What you say may be true Mike, but how am I to know? Our unemployment is the highest its ever been among other problems. Face it, Pelosi, Reid and your other liberal cronies may have ruined your chancefor reelection. Thank them when you see them. They may have cost you your job.

Concerned Citizen

McIntyre has been elected into office 7 terms. Look where our Country is now with all the longer term politicians. IT'S TIME FOR CHANGE PLEASE EVERYONE VOTE NOVEMBER 2ND. Let's get down to earth people like ourselves that have a grasp on the real world not millionaires who don't have a clue!!!!!

There's a no brainer

The Republicans will assume control of the House in November and will select a Republican Speaker.

Since Nancy will not be in the Majority, she won't be eligible. Thus his pledge is empty.

He opposed Health Care agenda of the annointed one. Did he make any effort to use his tenure in office or his moderate views to encourage just ONE other moderate Democrat to vote against it? Had he and 5 or 6 other moderates each swayed just one "swing" vote, Obamacare would have died on the House Floor and he likely would not be facing such strong opposition at the polls.

Armed and Unjust

That is OK. From what I have learned Pantano carries a Glock. I guess he needs it to pop a cap in any UNARMED citizen he chooses. You know, like he did over in Iraq. In these parts we were taught that if you are fighting with someone who is unarmed then you use your fists to make the fight even. Otherwise you are considered a wimp. I guess Pantano's killings come from a NY state of mind but indeed they are not NC values.

McIntyre has been here working hard for veterans. A new huge veterans clinic will be built here for the region thanks to McIntyre's hard work. I believe another one is slated for Brunswick County. If we don't take care of our vets then what is that saying about us as a people? I seriously doubt that Pantano would know where to start helping citizens in this area.


U.S. Army 1982-1985

What a mind!

So Steve, when you were in the Army you were taught to put down your weapon and fist-fight with the enemy?

No, I didn't think so....

So what, exactly, does Pantano exercising his Second Amendment right here, in the United States, have to do with his actions in Iraq?

Of far greater concern to most sane people would be a man who is obviously now in his forties but still has some macho bravado beliefs about fist-fights being some kind of honorable pastime.

Sure he will.

Now that's typical of Mr. McIntyre. Little to late don't ya think.


My favorite Pantano comercial is the one where he talks about how his father got to stay here by doing it the right way.I guess he thinks marrying an american is the right way.

Sure you will

Kind of like Michael Jackson not having sleep-overs after he was accused of messing with children. Too little too late.

hey Mike did you vote for

hey Mike did you vote for her before?

WOW! Will he say anything to

WOW! Will he say anything to get reelected. What a POS!

desperate times...

call for desperate comments...anything to hold on to the job. work for Princess know, I know it, and so do the voters.

Too Late

Too late to not support Pelosi now. You originally did and therefore I early voted and voted for Patano. Pelosi is one of the congress ladies who has helped ruin this country. You should have knew it before you supported her the first time. Her just being from liberal San Francisco was enough to tell you she was bad for the country and she was. Mike you have done a good job for this county, but Pelosi has ruined this country and that caused you to lose my vote. You cannot take back what you already did, it was done.

Well, that's certainly a double standard...

Ilario Pantano worked for Goldman Sachs, was proud of it, left, and then started bashing them after they came under investigation for a corporate culture that led to all sorts of fraudulent activities and helped cause a recession. But because he decided after working there for a while that he didn't want to work there anymore, he's completely off the hook... even though he favors a Social Security plan that would give billions of dollars in commissions to Goldman Sachs.

Meanwhile, Mike McIntyre opposed Pelosi's leadership bid in the caucus, then voted for her on the floor once she was a lock to win to protect his committee assignments and local funding, then voted against her on all of the post-2008 bills that people are mad about because he decided he didn't like the agenda she pushed once Obama got elected... and that's somehow different?

Both of them associated themselves with people and groups that have come under fire in recent years, for specific things neither one personally contributed to, and both repudiate them now. Either they're both guilty by association, or they aren't. You can't have it both ways.

The real issue here is that Mr. Pantano knows how strong Congressman McIntyre's record is... they don't disagree on that much, and the very few issues that they do significantly differ on are issues where locals generally support Congressman McIntyre's position. So Mr. Pantano has decided to run against Nancy Pelosi instead. But seeing as how our district represents roughly 0.2% of the speaker vote (and Speaker Pelosi has virtually zero hope of winning a third speaker term, anyway), I'm at a loss as to why it is anyone from Southeastern North Carolina - regardless of their opinion on Mrs. Pelosi - would vote for Mr. Pantano.


If Pantano, and a few more republicans wins Pelosi want be speaker, Frank want chair the house finance committe, Rangel want chair the house ways and means commitee... Just 3 of the reasons I'm voting for Pantano today...

and more

Any you could also hope he will provide better funding for education. Could this maybe be the correct word ...Pelosi won't be speaker, Frank won't chair the house finance committe, Rangel won't chair the house...
Makes for a better argument.

Fell down on the flow.

Oh, fell down on the floor. Dang that accent.

Now what I won't to know is won't you tell me what's happening up heanh.


What I want to know is won't you tell me what's happening up here.

So tell me more about what Pelosi want, what Frank want, and what Rangel want.

One would think that even if the accent makes it sound one way, that a person would still spell it the right way.

Then there's the sign about a party at someone's house that invites everyone to "come own down."

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der der der der der.