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Cape Fear 2020: Looking at NC's incoming demographics

WILMINGTON -- Throughout our Cape Fear 2020 series we've focused a lot of attention on the vast number of people coming to North Carolina. But just who is moving here and why? Retired political science professor Ralph Kornegay said, "Through the 1960s and 1970s growth had either stagnated or was very slight. And then all of a sudden we were discovered." Many who come here are retirees. In fact, predictions show that the median age of people living in the tri-county area will increase by 2020. Some retirees come from northern states like New York and New Jersey. But that's not always the case. Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo said, "We're finding in our projections of people retiring, the vast majority of people moving here to retire are coming from within our state." We're also seeing one of the largest demographic shifts in the country's history since World War II of people who are moving from the north to the south. But some come here from Florida -- retirees who decided the sunshine state was too hot and too expensive. Retired political science professor Kornegay calls them "half-backs." But while retirees came here, another phenomenon occurred. "What happened was, these grandparents moved here, children came down, saw it, liked it, they moved here with their children," Kornegay said. By 2010, New Hanover County is projected to have more than 200,000 people; Brunswick more than 110,000; Pender 55,000; Bladen 33,000; and Columbus 55,000. By 2020, those numbers jump, most dramatically in New Hanover, Brunswick and Pender Counties. When you talk about North Carolina's demographics you have to consider both legal citizens and illegal aliens. North Carolina's illegal alien population is estimated at 300,000. This makes North Carolina home to the nation's eighth largest population of undocumented immigrants. Since they are not factored into census data, predictions of racial makeup will only take into account whites and non-whites. And by 2020 the racial makeup of New Hanover County will not change significantly, even as more and more people move to the area. Coming up on Thursday NewsChannel 3 will be taking a closer look at the issue of undocumented immigrants in North Carolina, and how they could change the demographic landscape in the future.

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Area Illegals

I understand the number of illegals in the state is closer to 500,000. We should all hope our new President can successfully deal with this challenge.

Dream on. They don't want

Dream on. They don't want to do anyhing about it because they would loose votes. It is beyond me how they can vote any way.


You could be right, but sometimes when voters will not let an issue drop, and vote accordingly, something does get done. I should have also included our new Governor, along with our new President, as necessary leaders in the battle against illegal immigration. How does a soft stance on illegals get votes...well (I would think) legal Central and South American immigrants vote to help relatives and fellow countrymen. All politicians strive to lock up block votes, like the Latino block vote, to throw them over the top to office.


You are probably right. If you have been following the campaign trail, it appears that the candiates care more about the Latino vote than they do another. They certainly have been wooing them. The legal latinos that hold county, state, and federal jobs will do what ever they can for their fellow country men. That is the problem with the USA today, we have too many immigrants that come over here still pledging allegiance to the country the left. They are not interested in adopting this country and pledging allegiance to the USA. I know that there are still those that do, but not like they did when most of our grandparents or great grandparents came over here from Europe. One day it will come back to huant us as a nation. Better hope we never have another era like we did with the depression and WWll back to back.