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Cape Fear 2020: More people, more crime

READ MORE: Cape Fear 2020: More people, more crime
WILMINGTON -- It's a fact of life, the more people in an area, the more crime. It's one unfortunate side of our region's growth. What kinds of crimes we can expect to see in the future? Ben David, the district attorney for New Hanover and Pender Counties has a pretty clear sense of what kind of crimes we're going to see. As we've reported in our ongoing 2020 series the increase in abuse of drugs, both prescribed and illegal are on the rise. David expects to see even more in the future. And more ominously, he says that, in turn, will produce more violent crimes. To combat these statistics, he's working with schools to educate people at a young age about the dangers of drugs. Some residents say they, too, fear a rise in violent crime, while other see a rise in white collar crime. Wilmington resident Shauna Cooper said, "Violent crimes, especially in the downtown area after dark, crimes against women." Wilmington resident Alassandra Gibbs said, "I really see more robberies. I've had a lot of people move into my neighborhood so I really see more robberies and break-ins." Wilmington resident Stephanie Bias said, "I think that health care fraud and identity theft within the realm of health care is really going to become an issue. It is already a growing issue and I am afraid it is going to become more widespread." David says new jails and expanded court houses may well be in our future.

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more people

It's not the amount of people, it's the KIND of people that are moving here. Scum from the 'big cities' and also the mexican invasion.

Yes, with around 650 beds on

Yes, with around 650 beds on blue clay, we are going to be needing more very soon. I know that in the summer months it was nearly at capacity, especially offenders are held on a bond which represents the nature of the offense and the extent of their criminal record. The courts are also backlogged. Many cases handled in Superior Court take more than 6 months to reach a disposition. Much, much longer if the offender opts to plead not guily and go to trial. Also, drug offenders often request to have the evidence against them (the drugs) analyzed, leading to even great delays. In summary, the courts and detention facility will need to exand, sometime very soon.

How about punishment?

Here is a novel idea... Give out real punishments when these dirtbags are convicted in court. No more free passes or slaps on the wrist. We don't need to go quite as extreme as they do in the middle east but closer to it may help prevent some crime. Over there they will cut off the hand of a thief. If the criminal knew that if they were caught and convicted that there would be repercussions, they may choose not to do the crime.

Slack System

New Hanover County is not going to spend the funds necessary to properly handle these criminal individuals. They would rather have a convention center and other useless crap. It's up to the citizens to swing the gavel. It's time to fight back. If they tresspass, shoot them in the face, twice.