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Cape Fear 2020: Teens and drugs

READ MORE: Cape Fear 2020: Teens and drugs
WILMINGTON -- Drugs use among teenagers is a problem nationwide and it's no different in our area. In today's Cape Fear 2020 report we take a look at the use of drugs among teens now -- and what you should be aware of in the future. One Wilmington teen tells us about what's really going on with drugs at school and at parties. She says marijuana and pharmaceutical drugs are used most often. Sixteen-year-old Giulie Bilzi is what you may call your typical teen. She hangs out with her friends, goes to school, has parties. One thing she doesn't do is drugs. But she can't avoid being around them. "At a lot of parties and even at school they're selling it and last night I saw some of my friends that were selling it," Giulie said. "I would say the drug that's most prominent is marijuana. A lot of people are selling it you can get in a school you can get it at parties." The latest trend in teen drug abuse is what's found right in your medicine cabinet. Wilmington Health Access for Teens Medical Director Dr. Tom Martinko said, "I know a lot of people are taking pharmaceutical drugs and snorting them, and a lot of people are taking them, popping them." Martinko says to help keep prescription drugs away from teens parents need to make sure all their prescription drugs are in a medicine cabinet. Have it under lock and key and when you're finished taking your medicine throw it away. "The parents are so not believing that this is going on, they're trusting their kids so much and giving them so much leverage, they don't realize what's actually going on," Martinko said. Dr. Martinko says there are tell-tale signs that a teen is using drugs. "If you find that money is missing, things are missing, they are starting to lie to you there off with friends you don't know or you don't trust -- those are warning signs," Martinko said. "If they're really getting overprotective of their things, that's concerning. If there are changes in their pupils that's kind of a tell-tale sign." Dr. Martinko says drug use will evolve as people find ways to mix legal drugs to get high. Parents also need to talk to their kids about how deadly drugs can be. Many drugs are street drugs -- that means they are not regulated -- so there's no way to know what you're getting or how much is in it. Martinko said, "If you get a batch that's more potent then you overdose and where you thought is was going to be fun now you're dead or your friend is dead." Martinko believes what drugs are shown in movies and television in the year 2020 will also be the drugs popular among teens at that time. But there are ways to stop the abuse before it's too late. Guile says it comes down to communication. "I have dinner with my family every night and that way it keeps them into what's going on with my life, and they know what I'm doing and where I'm going that night and when I'm coming home." Bottom line: Martinko says parents need to know what their teens are doing, be aware of warning signs and talk to their kids about the dangers of drugs. And while teens may think they are just having a good time now, if their drug abuse doesn't stop now they are putting their futures at risk. Another big problem among teens is alcohol. Martinko says it's more common than any other abused substance and just as deadly. For more info visit

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Programs for troubled teens

Thank you for this helpful warning. I agree with trying our best as a parent to at least be there during mealtime where everyone should be present, including our teens. Knowing who their friends are as well as the activities they're involved in. I hope many parents will see this as an eye opener that even prescription medicines are not safe when being left anywhere at home.
It's difficult to think that a lot of our teens today are doing these to themselves, ruining their future. Finding help for those teens who are already troubled should immediately be done. There are therapeutic boarding schools specializes in altering their negative behaviors.

Teen smoking is a serious

Teen smoking is a serious disorder in troubled teens. Check out the list of criteria from different books on teen smoking. Use the checklist only if you are looking for any kind of symptoms in your child.



I am so glad someone is

I am so glad someone is FINALLY touching on this subject. The drug use in Wilmington and surrounding beaches is absolutely horrible and no one is doing anything to stop it. I am very fortunate to have a close relationship with my children and they tell me everything about the different types of drug usage in the area. I think what disturbs me the most is that the police do not seem to have a handle on it. THey will pull you over for running a stop sign or having a brake light out, but a car load of teens completely coked out can drive around the town without any issues. It would be helpful if more parents got involved and really checked into what their children are doing, but sadly, I hear that some parents actually sit around and smoke pot with their teens. We have had so many overdoses in this town and all the kids seem alarmed for about a week and then it is business as usual. I think a great place to start is looking at My Space. Boy you can really see what is going on. My god, we pay enough taxes in this area, you would think they could develop a group dedicated to put a stop to this.


"develop a group dedicated to put a stop to this" WE do have a group, its the responsible parent group that you and I are members of. I also managed to keep my son out of that scene as a teen and he is a productive drug/alcohol free young man still.Sadly most parents are greatly lacking in responsibility for their spawn and should be sterilized. Local authorities can not do a thing to stop or curtail drug use. They do what they can. If the US government would do something about the borders and letting drugs into the country maybe that would help but, pot is grown here and a lot of drugs are made here too. Drug users will find a way just like the drunks did during prohibition. It starts at home as you know. MYSPACE is a treasure trove of info. I have read many things on there about the activities of my kids friends, been very helpful. Some kids are so stupid and what they put out there on the internet is appalling and frankly shows the mentality of a lot of the kids today.

teens smoking pot, yea thats

teens smoking pot, yea thats a major problem. Oh, I know I know!! Let's hire undercover cops round the clock to stake them out. We have the budget for that!! Its called probable cause, and believe me EVERY SINGLE Wilmington Cop that see's ANYTHING suspicious will search your car inside out, whether your 16 or 60.


You obviously have no clue what you are talking about. We all can see you have a problem with LEO and from your posts it seems as though you are an avid user of marijuana. I bet you have been arrested a few times for drugs and that is why you have so much hatred for LEO. And just for your smoking "pot" is a major problem


I would like to know with the growth in Wilmington, I am wondering about the transportation to get here in Wilmington. There is no bus service or train service to even get or leave Wilmington unless we use cars. Have you forgot about people that don't have cars? I want trains back in Wilmington. What about discussion about transportation?

What train would you like to see?

Amtrak runs through Fayetteville and Raleigh. They're not coming any closer than that. You do understand why passenger rail died in this country, don't you?

Buses and planes

Buses and planes leave and arrive everyday in Wilmington.

Drugs, driving and forgetting things...

Linda, you know this news article is about kids in the area abusing legal and illegal drugs, right? I am sorry you can't "get" Wilmington unless you use a car. You should get one. They are working quite well for large numbers of people. They may be destroying the planet but it wasn't all that great anyway. does have ongoing discussions about transportation. You may want to sugest buggies pulled by horses as an alternative to leaving Wilmington as well trains.

Smack is Wack!

Smack is Wack!


I sugest we propell large quantities of liquid assets in a trajectory intercepting with the assesed movement of the prevailing paradigm in an effort to minimize negative outcomes and encourage a postive environment where success would be encouraged to flourish. Oh, wait! we are already throwing money at this "problem". Let's throw money at this years headlines too. DOT challenged by aging infrastructure (no solutions) Representative Wright put charitable money in his personal bank account for work he called "sweat equity." (He's still representin') $24 billion (NC state) budget shortfall could hurt retirement plans (Ya think?) Area schools struggling to keep up with growth, Every school in Brunswick, New Hanover and Pender Counties is filled to capacity. Increase in gang activity. My drink was drugged. Heroin deaths. $10 MILLION dollar County tax error... This is the eighth consecutive year New Hanover County has been rated the state's most dangerous county to drive in....... and it's only February 14th folks. I want my money back, and some drugs.

I would also like some

I would also like some drugs.

ima hook you up!

Sixteen-year-old Giulie Bilzi sais... "At a lot of parties and even at school they're selling it and last night I saw some of my friends that were selling it. "I would say the drug that's most prominent is marijuana. A lot of people are selling it (and) you can get (it)in a school (or) you can get it at parties." reports... The latest trend in teen drug abuse is what's found right in your medicine cabinet. And of course they steady holdin on twelf and redcross but beware yo... they got 20 in they 9. i believe that's subculture lingo for an illegal extended magazine of 9 mm ammunition. Maybe you can ask while you are up there. It is clear to me from attempting to drive in Wilmington that most people are on on drugs or incapacitated in some significant way so you may just want to knock on car windows at the lights, especially the cars stopped at the green ones.

justin, that's some funny

justin, that's some funny stuff yo! but there might just be some truth to why these idiots can't drive! Slow Down and LEARN TO MERGE! YO PEACE OUT!