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Cape Fear Center for Medical Arts being sued

The former Atlantic Health Clinic in Wilmington was plagued with financial problems and a long list of patient complaints. It reopened as the Cape Fear Center for Medical Arts. The clinic's administrator, Tammy Creasy, has faced criminal charges but she apparently still works there. Now she is being sued by a physician's assistant. Gene Gonzalez is a physician's assistant who does temporary work at doctors offices when there are vacancies. He said he recently made an oral agreement with Tammy Creasy to fill in for one week at the Cape Fear Center for Medical Arts. Mr. Gonzalez said they agreed he would be paid a certain amount at the end of the week and he would have insurance coverage. "I come down and pick up the check and I see that in the amount that was paid for my medical coverage has been deducted from my salary. That was never ever part of the agreement,” Gonzalez said. Creasy can contest the oral agreement, but Mr. Gonzalez says has documentation showing Creasy stopped payment on his medical insurance. He said one year's policy was deducted from one week's worth of work. "I was shocked that she could not produce what's called a declaratory statement which shows there is insurance, in fact, for every provider there, and so I essentially learned I was practicing without insurance,” said Gonzalez. Mr. Gonzalez said he fears for the consistency of care at the clinic if other providers are treated the same way. "There's some real questions about the person's morality and that type of person should not in any way be involved with medical management,” stated Gonzalez. Creasy and Gonzalez are scheduled to be in court this morning. He is not the only one with concerns. We recently received an email from a former employee of the clinic, claiming she quit because of embezzlement going on within the office. She says the clinic owes her more than $800.

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Please, ma'am, may I have another?

"The clinic's administrator, Tammy Creasy, has faced criminal charges but she apparently still works there." Okay...who, in their right mind, would go to this place after all the bad press the former clinic and this woman received? Second question - who would work anywhere where this woman was in charge after hearing how many former employees were cheated out of their pay? It would be like seeking out and contracting with the driveway pavers the police keep warning us about, the ones who take your $10,000 and roll out $200 worth of asphalt to the thickness of a sheet of typing paper. What was it P.T. Barnam said.....?

Don't remember

Didn't Tammy Creasy help run another medical clinic into the ground not too long ago?
Atlantic Health Clinic

Now this is funny!!!!!!!!!

Now he is one to point fingers, the pot calling the kettle black. Lets do a job reference check on him.

You are funny!!!!!

You are either trying to be funny or stupid. Read all about her and her past problems. His job reference must not have to bad she hired him to work. What does that say about her? She is a conartist!

Nice fly-by-pot-shot. If you

Nice fly-by-pot-shot. If you actually had anything on him, you would have said so. Creasy is a criminal for all the world to see.