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Cape Fear Center for Medical Arts follow-up

READ MORE: Cape Fear Center for Medical Arts follow-up
Monday, WWAY told you about an administrator of a Wilmington health clinic who was involved in a financial dispute with a physician's assistant. The administrator, Tammy Creasy, stopped payment on a check intended to give the physician’s assistant insurance coverage for the week he filled in at the clinic. Tammy Creasy is the administrator of the Cape Fear Center for Medical Arts. She and Physician's Assistant Gene Gonzalez agreed that Gonzalez would fill in at the clinic for a week. Creasy said most independent providers, like Gonzalez, have their own malpractice insurance. Gonzalez said he did not have insurance that would cover him at this clinic. Creasy wrote a check to an insurance company to cover him. "I wrote the check for $750 and he mailed it. I gave it to him, I said OK, you know it's in the mail and you're covered and your retroactive care. I said you mail it, I trusted him to do this," Creasy said. Tammy Creasy subsequently stopped payment on that check after confusion arouse about Gonzalez's pay check that he says he never received. The check should have included a $750 insurance payment. Creasy said, "He should have paid his malpractice himself if he is self-contracted, but instead he held me for ransom to pay it in the middle of the week. He wasn't going to see any patients unless I paid it, so I had no choice." With the payment stopped on the insurance check, Gonzalez said I meant he did not have coverage the week he worked there, so he took legal action and sued for the money. Gonzalez and Creasy were in court Monday, September 15, 2008 over his pay. The judge ruled in Gonzalez’s favor. Creasy was late to court, and the case was already heard when she got there. She plans to appeal.

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tammy creasy

This practice has a long history of cheating it's employees and would Gene really be dishonest so that he has two malpractice insurances when one would cancel the other one out? hmmmm sounds suspicious. The medical board should close this place down.

Cape Fear Center

If all that has been reported is true, one must wonder when the DA or SBI will get involved. If neither of those 2 parties, what about the Medcal Licensing Board in Raleigh? It certainly seems an independant audit, by a State Agency is warrented. And based upon the audit, perhaps a referral to the DA. All it takes is someone who has been scammed taking it to the next level. Former Representative Thomas Wright can attest to that.

If Tammy is that bad then

If Tammy is that bad then why is she still working there? I would have got rid of her a long time ago.

Tammy often cancelled

Tammy often cancelled employees checks, or just issued payroll from an empty bank account. I cannot believe she is still involved with this clinic, NC needs to shut that BS place down. Most of the people working there are not even qualified for what they do, they are hired b/c they will take less pay and have no other options job wise b/c of lack of experience/degrees. A vet tech could provide someone better medical care than the folks working there!! The Creasy's are all crazy law breaking thiefs and liars. Your black magic won't help you now Tammy, so blow out those candles and face your reality!

"Creasy was late to court...."

Is this woman competent at ANYTHING?

Is this is a slow news week?

Seriously? Is this actually a newsworthy item? A minor pay dispute between two parties is worthy of being on the news? For crying out loud, do the news outlets actually allow themselves to become tools to be used for extortion every time someone is angry at someone else? "I'm gonna call the press on you!!"

This is very news worthy!

This may not be news worthy to you but it is to me. I have worked for the Creasy's and I know how they operate. I worked many hours and did not receive the pay I was suppose to. She is a sneaky snake in the grass that everyone needs to know about. If you want to know more about her and this practice look up Atlantic Health Clinic and Delco Health Clinic. She is out for herself and no one else not even the patients. If you want good medical care DO NOT go to Cape Fear Center for Medical Arts it is a big scam. For all the people that do go there check your EOB's from your insurance I am sure something was billed that was not done. That is one reason why health insurance premiums are as high as they are.

Tammy Creasy

This may not be news worthy to you, but it is to all the people that she has screwed over in the past. She has had so many run ins with her employees in the past. I know several longtime employees that left there and still are owed money to. Nothing Tammy does surprises me.