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Cape Fear Community College bond referendum

A Cape Fear Community College bond referendum for $164 million will be on the November 4, 2008 ballot. The $164 million would build three new buildings dedicated to training in health, technology, and general studies. These buildings would be on land the college already owns. If voters approve the bond it will add five cents per 100 dollars to county property taxes. If approved, this will be the largest bond referendum in New Hanover County's history.

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Let them show what we have paid for thus far and benfit

It seems that every time I have watched the news CFCC is always asking for more money. They heed to show how this money is creating jobs and that the programs offered are not just overlapping programs that are existing like the new mechatronics is just an overlap. Where are these students going to get jobs not already addressed by cfcc programs. The nuclear, electrical and mechanical maintenance programs all compete for the same jobs as many othe rprograms. I would like to know why keep adding competing programs and not show how many students are getting jobs. All community colleges now days want to be a regular college and offer the same things in programs so students will seek double majors with just a few courses at our expense. Lets take a breather and see what they do with the money we have given them thus far. They keep using New Hanover money to fund cmapuses in other counties so they can generate more state funding for them selves. Education is great but needs to be responsible. Most problems exist in upper management we do not need duplicating programs. Who decides where the money is needed and goes?

Invest in Our Community to Keep Taxes Low

Don't get distracted by the media reports of an automatic tax increase. A tax increase will only be needed if the county doesn't collect enough money in taxes while the bonds are being paid off. Look at the ten-year history of New Hanover County. Tax collections have increased by over 200%! Take a look at the NHC budget and you can see for yourself. Are people going to stop moving here any time soon? Not likely. More people will keep coming. The tax base will continue to increase like it has over the last decade and taxes will be unaffected by the bond. Also, if you want lower taxes in the long-term, take a larger view of what actually drives the overall economy. More job training + more education = more jobs. More jobs means more income and more taxpayers. The more taxpayers means that in the long run, our tax base will be lower than it would be otherwise. CFCC provides the training that new companies want and they need more space to do it. The community college is the BEST investment we can make to keep our tax base low.

Ignorance is Costly

We can't keep turning away people who want to get an education and find a decent job. If CFCC can't grow this is what will happen. New Hanover County has attracted several big employers who need skilled workers. They rely on CFCC to train these people. These students will receive higher paying jobs and buy houses in this area that will increase our tax base and keep taxes down. Concerned citizens need to get the facts first before just saying no.

If they need it...

"They rely on CFCC to train these people." If companies need a program created, staffed, and taught to accomodate the future hiring needs of just one, just one specific skill set that is only applicable to it's industry, then that company should fund the program. Not the taxpayers....

About those students getting higher paying jobs....?

Those higher paying jobs will make it more affordable to pay HIGHER TUITION RATES. "Concerned citizens" need to say "NO" to wealth redistribution masquerading as some noble educational endeavor. Pay for your own education, and don't expect the taxpayers to subsidize it for you.

Sounds Warm And Fuzzy...

But you said a mouthful when you claimed the 200% increase. Mine has been more than that. I have N-E-V-E-R had decrease in property taxes. Bond issue, incumbent? NEVER! It got to stop, now!


Yes, we already pay for people's entertainment, in the form of tennis courts and soccer fields, now let's pay for their education so they will be able to understand the rules for the entertainment that we provide.

Wake up and snap out of it!

More taxpayers has NEVER, in the history of the world, resulted in lower taxes. That's a theoretical assumption that can't come true because of one simple fact: Increased infrastructure demand always outpaces the additional tax revenue. I'm also a firm believer that once politicians get their hands in your pocket, they never let go. If CFCC needs money, raise the tuition and let the people who are using the services pay for the services. Force people to start paying their own way through life, and quit sticking it to the taxpayer.

Commonsense has come through

Commonsense has come through again. Let the ones that reap the benefits of higher education pay for it. Quit shafting the taxpayer.


NO....N-O I have enough taxes laid upon me by this county..I sure ain't going to vote myself MORE taxes.

Higher taxes! YAY!

What a great opportunity to shoot ourselves in the wallet once again! Pretty soon, we'll get our taxes in line with New York and New Jersey, and it will be just like that "paradise" you left. After all, why should we expect the college to raise tuitions and make those who are attending pay more, when they can simply stick it to us? (For God's sake, use your brain and vote "No.")