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Cape Fear Memorial Bridge closing

Starting May 27, one lane of the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge will be shutdown during the day Monday through Thursday. Between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., the bridge will be closed to traffic altogether.

A recent inspection of the bridge revealed cracks in its infrastructure. The State Department of Transportation said the bridge needs to be repaired, but that drivers should not be concerned.

"We feel like right now, the bridge is safe," State Bridge Management Engineer Daniel Holderman said. "We certainly, as we report to everybody, we don't leave bridges open that are unsafe."

All lanes will be open on the weekends to accommodate beach traffic. DOT officials hope the bridge will be completely repaired by the fall.

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slip and slide

I grew up in Cali, and have drivin to and from here and there a few times. I loved and miss the old Golden Gate, and have seen and crossed many different kinds of bridges. I have even come to love CFM. It is beautiful against the horizon,and after long trips and vacations,I love seeing it because it means and stands for"HOME". I pray one day to also be able to cross it in the winter and not have to pray and hold my breath till I reach the other side without loosing traction and slip and or sliding across,aside from structual damages. One day if ever gone and replaced, it will be missed

cape fear bridge

I know they can build a new and better bridge than what this one is.I think or suggest they build it where that front street baseball field is I know is will put kids out where they play.though this will get less cars held up and we can make this one higher and bigger where no draw bridge that is the type of bridge we need not a dumb draw bridge. every time you lift it up holds up 1,000's of cars up plus that one bridge is been used and old time to update a new one like charleston.if we can not do that we slack in ability to get ourselves in technology plus get people across without a holding point.there should be no point where no one should be held at a bridge unless they speeding.

The time has come... replace this bridge with one higher so traffic doesn't have to stop every time a ship comes in. A big cruise liner might want to bring in the many people that will surely want to visit the new convention center or one of the many fine bars, restaurants and shops, enjoy the downtown nightlife, the Battleship, stroll along the boardwalk and downtown to look at historic homes, Eagle Island, the tank farm, help the homeless with a buck or two...

ahh you have to love smart people!

First things first, for years they (DOT, city, etc) have been trying to "repair" the bridge.... obviously it's not working..... secondly, yes I agree it's great to take the Holmes bridge.... IF.... IF... you can get to it....however, when the bridge is down to one lane, it creates a bottleneck, which eventually creates people not paying attention, which creates wrecks, caused by more people looking at the wrecks rather than paying attention, which creates more wrecks, which creates more bottlenecking.... its an endless process, Of course the CFR bridge has been up since before I was born, but I was told it was taken from a junkyard? Don't know how true that is, but would explain the endless repairs, that has to be made to it..... Why not get a bigger bridge? Yes it may cost more money initially, but if you look at the costs overall in a 10 year span, I'm sure in the end it will come out cheaper... and another thing... for those that think the bridge adds "character", and for those that think that it adds to the city's skyline..... then obviously they have never been heading to wilmington through the week at 7:30-9:30... they obviously haven't been stuck, w/ the bridge up in 100 degree heat for hours on end..... WAKE UP DOT and WAKE UP WILMINGTON....this is something that is going to be an ongoing issue until its FIXED! Instead of wasting money use it responsibly!

Other bridges

The other two bridges are fine but if you are coming from Brunswick Couty to Wilmington you got to get to the Battleship exit.If traffic is backed up to Leland and beyond the other two bridges are still out of reach.

how do I get to the hospital from shallotte if the bridge is clo

I am expecting a child in August & just in case It is when the bridge is closed I need an alternate route. Could you help?

Building a bigger bridge?

I like the small bridge.. It bottlenecks traffic and keeps an extra million people off our already delapitated city streets. We cannot fix the traffic problem as it is... Lets not add to the disaster already on hand... But I agree.. Paint the darn thing and rebuild it... There is way too much propeganda in the world with the Cape Fear Bridge to do away with it.. it IS our skyline.. But fix it and paint it.. It looks horrible.

a bandaid will not solve the problem

Please have a bit of foresight here DOT. Putting a band aid on outdated bridge is not a long term fix. It's time to bite the bullet and replace the bridge. It will be cheaper to replace the bridge now rather than in the near future. This bridge is unsafe. There are no shoulders for broken down vehicles to go. There is no safe place for pedestrians or bicycles anywhere on the bridge. This bridge does not meet current safety guidelines but they get away with it because of it's age. Spend some of our tax dollars on something that benefits all of us for a change.


This and $4 a gallon for gas.Don't get any better.does it??

Think about it

It seems to me that repairing or building or new bridge closer to town would make more sense than building one way out in the country costing millions and dumping folks out near Carolina Beach does. Also, SOMEBODY should have noticed that this bridge was wearing out long before now, whether it was DOT's job or not.

cf memorial bridge

Im from SanFrancisco by birth and have a thing for bridges. I think the cape fear memorial is beautiful and adds to our skyline. I just wonder esthetically why ,the department responsible for its upkeep, doesnt paint it more routinely as is practiced on the Golden Gate ( there are always crews working on it ,from one end to the next ,due to it's considerably longer spance)Its a sea foam green i think which is appealing and distinctive . We should be celebrating it's beauty and the added flavor it contributes to our downtown. To note ,i'm not referring to the structural tasks addressed in aforementioned expose . thank you

If you don't like it

If you don't like the way we do things here you can cross that bridge and head back from whence you came.

Memorial Bridge out of habit

A lot of folks will find that by using one of the two other bridges that cross the river, they have an equal or even shorter duration drive, face less traffic, and arrive at work unfrazzled by the morning rush hour. That's worth an extra gallon of gasoline every week. If you work in Downtown the Elizabeth Holmes Bridge is just as convenient, and if you work in the Corning/GE/UNCW area, the I-140 bridge is smarter still. In fact, unless you work South of Dawson, there isn't much reason to use the Memorial Bridge at all.... ...but I know people who still take the Memorial Bridge every day, because that's what they've done since dinosaurs ruled the Earth!

I used to love going across

I used to love going across the bridge, but since I have have researched the condition of the bridge, it now scares the crap out of me every time I drive across it. The bridge has a worse grade than the bridge that collappsed in Minneapolis. For a while now, the bridge has barely even been in good enough condition to remain open. I wonder if it will take a collapse for the bridge to be replaced...

Toll Bridge

It's a mess coming into Wilmington in the mornings to come to work, another way (bridge) into Wilmington sure would help out. I would even be willing to pay a toll to help pay for it. I leave home at 7:15am in order to get to work by 8:00am because of all the traffic trying to get in to Wilmington.


The traffic jams in the mornings coming into Wilmington is nerve racking. Is it possible to build another bridge to help re-route some of the traffic?


if dod was to do there job the first time and check are bridges,we would not be in this is about time dod got off there buts and did there this time we have only one bridge to ge from leland and south into wilmington and north as well as thee beaches so dod lets get on the ball and do your job.


Yep, that old Department of Defense just doesn't build bridges like they used to! Maybe it is because they don't build bridges. Anyway, there is also the Northeast bridge to bring you in and out of town.

It's DOT, not DOD

DOT builds bridges, DOD drops bombs and blows them up... ...but the mindless bureacrats at DOT can't be blamed. They can't build a bridge unless the politicians give them the money. Our crumbling infrastructure is due to federal and state governments that have totally failed us. You can't pay for adequate bridge maintenance or new bridges when every penny is being allocated to Medicaid, TANF, Food Stamps, never-ending wars we refuse to win, and paying off the massive debt that we've accumulated by playing Santa Claus to every loser with a sob-story.

They can't build a bridge unless...

You forgot that oh so successful teapot museum.

well first off its doT not

well first off its doT not dod and things wear out... learn about what you are talking about before you rant on it.