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Cape Fear Memorial Bridge will be closed on Sunday


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Painting will close the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge Sunday night.

The NC DOT is closing all lanes in both directions of the bridge from 9 p.m., Sunday night to 5 a.m., Monday morning.

The bridge will be closed so that workers can continue to paint the bridge.

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bridge painting... vs replacing

Why waste the money to paint this aged and falling apart bridge.
We will end up replacing it in a few years at best.

Leave it and save the money for the new bridge.

We need a 5 lane suspension bridge (see charleston), as a gateway to wilmington.


I dont think the river is wide enough for a bridge like the one you are talking about. It has to open for ships. That one doesn't open. Anyone know if the river is wide enough for that type of bridge? It would take forever to build.

The bridge is about to fall

The bridge is about to fall and does nothing but cause traffic problems. Makes no sense to me why you shut it down just to cause more problems to paint the thing.


If they didn't paint it,it would fall down.

bout to fall huh??? got info

bout to fall huh??? got info to back this up??? traffic problems? draw bridges are supposed to let tall ships through..... hence why it raises and "causes traffic problems" its the nature of the beast. go find something else to whine about. at least the do it sunday NIGHT when traffic is lightest.

falling apart

Drive across it.
Notice how it hops? That is because the metal decking is warped from all years of cars and trucks. Each segment is warped downward, hence the hopping part.
Last year they found so many of the supports of those same decking pieces fragmented and big cracks. Some even had to be replaced they were so bad because they couldn't weld them back together.
Check out the rust from the underside. scary.

The state put it in the top 10 worst bridges, and also called it obsolete. It should be 4 or 5 lanes wide to carry the traffic it does. Which adds to the problem - over usage.
It is over 45 years old and has been showing its age for the past 20 years.

Instead of creating a new bridge downstream that seems to have lots of people not wanting, and also the expense of building a freeway to it, why not replace this one with a new one like in Charleston just barely south of the existing one. Far cheaper because it is a shorter span, plus no raising and lowering which really screws up rush hour traffic.

A five lane each way bridge with bike path/walkway on the north side would be a gleaming bridge to the entrance of Wilmington. We deserve better than a metal chunk that looks like this one does. Sad.

It is old and we do need a

It is old and we do need a bridge Ie I do agree with that but we are the port city and we have to have a bridge that rises up but i think they should be a restriction on certain hours that the tall boats cant come through in my opinion