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Cape Fear Pride: Carolina Beach's North End

READ MORE: Cape Fear Pride: Carolina Beach's North End
CAROLINA BEACH -- He is almost as much a fixture on Carolina Beach's north end as the sun, the sand and the surf. For at least eight hours a day, 200 days a year, Twig Wiggins dons his favorite hat and plants himself in his beach chair hoping the fish are biting. Wiggins said, "It's just a little piece of heaven, very special, very dear to me." Mr. Twig, as he's known, loves the fact that you can drive on this privately-owned beach. "You bring your chairs you throw them right on the sand and you're there," Wiggins said. But this beach veteran says you have to have 4-wheel drive. All-wheel drive just isn't enough. "If they don't have a 4 wheel drive they are the ones who get stuck and if someone's nice enough someone might pull them out if not it will cost $300 for a wrecker to come and pull you off," Wiggins said. What also makes the north end special is that you can camp on the beach here. One of many benefits Mr. Twig doesn't take for granted. "This is a privately owned beach and if we don't take care of this beach the owner of the property could come and shut this beach down," Wiggins said. Shut it down, and you'd lose not only the camping and driving on the sand, but an unforgettable character looking for moles crabs, fishing or just bumming in the sun. Mr. Twig put his official unofficial title on the license plate. His friends call him the mayor of the north end of Carolina Beach. Wiggins said, "Whether I'm by myself or surrounded by 50 of my closest friends it's all good because as you look out there what more beautiful of a place can you see? As you look out there you've got to know that someone with a high power created and gave all this to us. It's a privilege and what a blessing." Twig Wiggins loves to have his truck on the beach to carry all his gear. He also says if it rains it's easy to just sit in the car and let the storm pass.

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where can i get a permit to

where can i get a permit to drive on north end

i believe that CB is a great

i believe that CB is a great place to go. it's my get away from home. but people don't really pick up they're trash like they need to. that's why i try to do my little part & pick it up when i see it. there is really no point of the owner banning all people from going out there tho. the cops needs to do their job a little bit better. they only come around to me & my friends camp site once a night to check for it. i've never seen them give out a ticket for littering either. & for the person that says it's a redneck dump... thats rediculious. "rednecks" aren't the only ones that smoke, drink, or have sex. thats just a disrespectful person.

True beach lover

While it's true that I often love the beach for the quiet contemplation, there is a time & place for everything. Carolina Beach's north end is not for that time. It is a time for friends to gather & drink a cold one, dogs to play, & 4 wheel drives to show off. You have no right to judge &/or criticize the patrons of this beach because that is not your cup of tea. I agree that we should all respect the beautiful world that God has given us & clean up after ourselves. However, if you want clean bathrooms & a quiet private beach, take your elitist sun-bathing butt to a resort. And the last time I checked, Carolina Beach was in the South, so fly ol' glory high boys!

Just what I thought, I lot

Just what I thought, I lot of good ole boy redneck noise......the war is over lost get over it. hahahaha