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Cape Fear Pride stops in Belville

READ MORE: Cape Fear Pride stops in Belville
The town of Belville is in a class all it's own. It only consists of four square miles with a small population. Some call it the hole in a donut; the town of Leland surrounds much of Belville. Belville Mayor Chuck Thurlow said, "Right now we have about 1,300 citizens but with the planned developments that we have that will go up to about 5,000, and that's as big as we can ever be." Belville town officials are hoping to develop what land they do have. Major plans are on the table to build a downtown site for residents with apartments, restaurants and a marina. The new downtown site will sit on 130 acres of prime real estate. It has taken the past three years for town officials to put plans in motion, encountering many hurdles along the way. Most recently, the struggling economy has added one more. Mayor Thurlow said the downtown area should be developed within the next 10 to 15 years. Once complete, it will make the donut hole a little bit more sweet.

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Does anyone else?

Does anyone else find it hilarious this group picked Pride as their name? Personally when I think of pride groups I think of gay & lesbian alliances. I dunno...just makes me laugh each time I see it :)

Pre-plan first

I surely hope someone thinks ahead and builds a new road. The 2 lane country road that our illustrious powers that be classify as a major US highway (17/74/76/421) can't handle the volume of traffic that we have now. Double the lanes, double the bridge...don't say it can't be done...Charleston did it across the Cooper River. That is a much larger project than it would be here crossing the Downtown Ditch known as the river.

The places that should be

The places that should be annexed won't be. This is ridiculous to keep this separate when they are just duplicating government and services.