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Cape Fear Public Utility Authority begins service

READ MORE: Cape Fear Public Utility Authority begins service
After more than 10 years of planning, New Hanover County and Wilmington's water and sewer systems have officially merged to become the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority. The merger is expected to better prepare our area for growth, and address issues with our aging infrastructure. From here on out, county and city residents will be billed jointly for their water and sewer use. New rates are taking effect immediately. Wilmington mayor Bill Saffo said, "Based on the sewer spills and the issues that we had with the system, I thought it was high time that we spoke with one voice with everybody at the table and this authority will help us do that." Cape Fear Public Utilities Authority is looking to spend around $400 million over the next 10 years on sewer system improvements.

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As of 7/25/08 this new Cape

As of 7/25/08 this new Cape Fear Utilities does not have trash disposal containers to offer new applicants. They are advising that the residents put their bags of trash where the container is suppose to go on trash day. When asked if the new resident could use their own container until one was received. The rep said it was not allowed. When asked when they expected to receive the containers. She said she did not know. Very Helpful!!!! What a mess this will be. Not only is this an ugly sight to look at. The animals are going to have a field day. Not to mention the harmful things they could eat in someones TRASH!!!!



No Jobs Cut

My understanding is that this merger/consolidation did not eliminate a single job!!! I would imagine that new jobs were created within this new public utility. Where are the savings to the tax/rate payer? Can we hope for better efficiency at a minimum? The words "public" and "efficient" never seem to mix.

Call to action

FYI- If you are a landlord and have rental property, you now will have to put the water/sewer bill in YOUR NAME not your tenants. Please call/write to complain to the new water and sewer authority to have this changed.

That's how it is in most

That's how it is in most places. I was shocked when I moved to an apartment here and had to pay for water and sewer service.


Let me get this straight...our ELECTED OFFICIALS cannot do their they shovel it over to a newly founded company that is going to be making MONEY off of what the taxpayers OWN...water. Not only that the letter I got stated prices are the "lowest", but they want to increase prices over the next five years to pay for repairs to the system...SO I CAN ONLY ASSUME that the prices will go DOWN after the repairs are made...right? Not only that...I would LOVE one of those 120,000 a year jobs....this is why I will NOT vote for ANY incumbents this year ACROSS THE BOARD! It's high time the citizens of this COUNTRY sent a message to every elected official from the bottom to the top...DO YOUR FLIPPIN JOBS OR WE WILL REPLACE YOU! This is going to do NOTHING but put increased rates on the taxpayers...along with every other flippin increase we have seen this year handed down. I have a chance to hand them something...A NON VOTE!

Slight of Hand

The County Commission and City Council put only developers and the elected officials who are on the developers payroll on the new Cape Fear Public Utility Authority. Some of those running the Authority are now positioned to steer sewer infrastructure to their very own projects. Conflict of Interest? Keeping the rates level this year is designed to trick people into thinking the Authority won't cost them more, so they just keep on keepin on. Look at the projections, and you see that water and sewer rates are going to skyrocket in the years ahead. The very creation of the Authority cost millions and its sole purpose is to hand over control of the infrastructure to greedy developers, allow the elected officials to say "don't blame me" as the rates keep going up and we get more sewer spills, and remove the ability of taxpayers to change this regime. Taxpayers can't vote the Authority Directors out of office. Start saving because it's gonna cost us all later.


who are these developers on the payroll? Do you have any names or facts to back up your claims? I think something needs to be done about our sewer system based on the amount of spills and aging lines out there. It should've been done a long time ago, really, but people don't want to pay for the infrastructure. Now they don't have a choice.