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Cape Fear Public Utility Authority customers to see hike in rate

Customers of the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority will see an increase in their bills by July. A spokesperson said the proposed rate increase could go up anywhere from five to nine percent. There are a few options on the table; a hike in fixed fees or on water consumption. The increase would bring in around $170 million the authority says it needs for updating the system and financing a new treatment plant. The authority plans to hold a public hearing later this month on the issue.

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What is wrong with just

What is wrong with just having to pay for what you use? Where is all this extra money going? If I only use 500 gallons of water a month, then I should only be charged for that 500 gallons. I would love to know where all the extra money I am paying is going

Tpublic utility authority

The public utility authority needs to be reformed . It is not responsive to its customers . It is not open to public scrutiny. If you have ideas in this vein, send your comments to REFORM AUTHORITY, p.O. BOX 232 , Wilmington, N.C. 28402.

Who NOT to vote for

The 11-member board appointed by the City of Wilmington and New Hanover County, includes two County Commissioners and two City Council members. Gene Renzaglia, Chair Kathryn Johnston, Vice Chair Charles Wells, Treasurer Burrows Smith, Secretary Commissioner Bobby Greer Commissioner Bill Caster Councilman James (Jim) Quinn Councilman Ronald Sparks Jim Hunter John Tunstall J. C. Hearne II The Joint City/County Water & Sewer Advisory Committee members are as follows: Member: Daniel Dawson Andrew Atkinson Matt Hunter C. Phillip Marion William B. Farris John (Rod) Andrew Kathryn Johnston


I agree with all the comments regarding Cape Fear Public Utilities. I have not had any increase in service, and in fact, my water use has dropped as my bill continues to increase. But why should we all complain... when the uninformed or misinformed citizens continue to vote for "knuckle-heads" that only want to raise taxes and increase government spending from the local level to the national level. This is not the change we need!!!

Enough is enough...

Please remember when the elections come around. This can be adjusted too, when we have the vote.

What are our alternatives?

What are our alternatives? I have been very displeased with the actions of the public utility authority. I went in to complain about being charged a base rate for water and sewer and then being charged a peruse rate on top of that. Every other town I have ever lived in only charges per use fees after you go over your base. Not here they are double dipping and ripping us off. I was told the only way I could complain is to go to a meeting that happens to be in the middle of a wednesday morning. I like most people work and can not make a meeting at that time. I then asked why I had no other choices for water service, only to be told that there were none. So the government holds a monoply on our water. I want to have a well and a septic tank but because I live in the city limits I am not allowed to. For those of you who are thinking that if I don't like it I should move, well I am preparing my home for sale and I am moving myself and my family to a place where I don't have beach meters, double taxes, higher insurance rates, and rising crime.

there are no alternatives

Sadly, many are contemplating the same thing, including myself. This month, we have been hit by a 30% increase in insurance rates and a 0.5% annual pay cut for state employees (all taken out in the month of May..~$250 on a single paycheck). Progress Energy hit us up for a 16% increase this year. Property taxes increased significantly a little over a year ago (and of course, they are talking about yet another increase). The city keeps encroaching further and further out, doubling taxes for those annexed. After Titan arrives and this places turns into one big sewer (which Wilm has already tried to do by not taking care of the sewer system over the years), there will be nobody left to pay their stupid rates and increased taxes. Laura Pudgett and her cronies will be forced to tax squirrels for each nut they harvest.

What a crock

This agency is the biggest scam our local government has ever imposed on us and I cannot believe council would have ever stood by and let it happen. Wait I forgot... The city council and their spouses get to eat $70 a plate surf and turf at Ruths in DC... Why would they care if water was more expensive than electricity. They will just put that on their city Visa Card as well....

We already are having to

We already are having to play catch up on the bills that they never sent in the last six months. Now they are increasing the rates??? This is getting ridiculous. What will be next?

makes sense to me

They have proven they are incompetent so therefore we should be forced to give them more money. Gotta love government, only place where the incompetent not only survive but they thrive!

CFPUA Rate Increase

Prior to its formation on 7/1/08 the CFPUA in its meeting minutes proposed a 5% to 9% rate increase on water/sewer each year for the next five years. Compounding these rates over five years amounts to an increase of 40% to 48% spanning 2009-2013. This increase does not include the base charge that each residence is assessed; which already has seen an increase this past January. Whatever reasons are put forth through press releases or local media outlets they are just smokescreens for the initial plan.

Cape Fear Utility

I am enraged that the utility is so mismanaged. It is more proof that combining agencies is not always best or will bring about cost effiency. My suggestion is that the board be elected by the general public as we do for city council and the county commissioners. This board is too far removed from the public. Every current member should resign as they have been derelict in their supervisory duties.

You think this is bad?

Wait to Obama takes over health care in this country. You are gonna wish it is any where close to being as good as anything CFPUA has done.