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Cape Fear region helping to support Sudanese orphans

READ MORE: Cape Fear region helping to support Sudanese orphans
The country of Sudan is thousands of miles away, but many here in our area are doing what they can to help protect those from the civil war and genocide in the country, which has killed millions and left thousands orphaned. Victor Deng's life story is like thousands of others who once called the country of Sudan home. He will forever be known as a lost boy of Sudan, which is where his story begins. Victor became an orphan after his village near Darfur was destroyed back in 1987 by government troops, killing millions of Sudanese people. Now as a man, he can tell his tale. "We heard some gun shots and screams and saw smoke all over the village,” Victor said. He is just one of more than 25,000 orphan boys who were driven from their villages during civil war, which continues to this day. “The same thing is still happening right now in Sudan, it hasn't improved yet. Thousands of people, thousands of orphans have no people supporting them, they are suffering right now,” Victor explained. For years, he traveled from one refugee camp to the another without ever knowing where his family was. It wasn't until rescue organizations intervened, that Victor was brought to the US in 2001. “I have been through a difficult life, all my life. Since I came to this country, I feel like I’m better off right now." Stories like this have made an impact on people like Kimberly and Milton Smith who have dedicated their lives to helping orphans. They formed Make Way Partners, an organization dedicated to orphan care and the prevention of human trafficking. "We are a very small organization with an annual budget of about two million dollars and we are the only ones doing orphan care or the prevention of human trafficking in the entire country of about 40 million people,” Kimberly Smith said. More than 500 orphans are under the care of the Smiths as dozens of volunteers help oversee three Sudanese orphanages for refugees. They do it with the help of donations from right here in Wilmington. "It takes a lot of money to sustain life. The food has to be brought in nearly two thousand miles away from Nairobi, Kenya over hostile terrain, and the people here in Wilmington provide a large amount of that support,” Smith said. Support of those, much like Victor, who where once lost but now have been found. To find out how you can help Make Way Partners, you can log on to the organization’s website,

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Think about all this

Think about all this economic mess the next time you go to the poles to vote. Remember there is no shortage of idiots in DC causing the economic stress we are only beginning to see. Only time will tell.

Cape Fear Region Helping

I agree with guest #456789 all the way. We definitely need to be helping right here in my opinion. Like was said the laying off, the things people are having to do to feed their kids, and so on is pretty bad right here. The city is in bad shape. Just about everybody that lives here and has children needs some help. And another thing some other people were commenting about is: Our whole country needs all kinds of help right now. There are many people right here that are starving. Take care of your own back yard before you volunteer to groom another countrys.


People here have no reason to starve. There are tons of charities and government food services for them to get food. Problem here is that people who do not need it suck off of the system and leave little for others who really are in need. If weeding out the leaches would be possible I would donate locally. People in 3rd world countries just cant get in their SUV and drive to social services to get food stamps and free medical care for themselves and all their illegitimate kids.

You have no idea what true poverty is

Show me one person in Wilmington who has to walk three miles to get fresh watern or who regularly eats grasshoppers for a meal. There's a big world out there that you obviously haven't seen. Having to cut out movies or stop going to Starbucks every morning is not suffering.

Both sides

Although I strongly agree with properly thought out philanthropy, I feel compelled to shed light on some ideas. It is true that Americans are facing economic troubles domestically. These troubles and sacrifices are not limited to less frequent trips to Starbucks and the movies but are, rather, impacting teachers' wages, education, several domestic markets (including housing and automotive-which effects thousands of workers and their children), crime, and so many other off-sets that I could spend pages listing them all. The point, however, is that monetary donations to certain organizations in third world countries do not break the cycle of dependency. Once a charity or organization leaves, what have we truly done to improve the future? That being said,however, there are many organizations that teach sustainable living (such as Full Belly Project and Bead for Life). Another more relevant point, if we are not financially sound and comfortable in our own lives, we are less likely to make charitable contributions. We must always strive for balance and education on these issues. You can't take care of other people if you haven't taken care of yourself. (Much like the drop-down oxygen masks in airplanes--you can't help someone else survive if you're dead) I have lived in Nairobi and seen women and children dying in the streets while others walked by without a thought. I have been to villages where the nearest water source was miles a way and have spent extensive time with those people.

I'd rather help Sudanese orphans....

...then see my money go to help domestic shiftless bums and dopes who can't afford healthcare but can afford a cell phone, who can't afford vitamin pills for their kids but can always afford cigarettes and beer. So giving to Sudanese orphans or contributing to help drill wells in Ethiopia (as I recently did) is TRUE charity, helping those who cannot help themselves because they were born in the Third World and have neither the training nor resources to do very much to improve their lives. NOWHERE does Jesus command you to be a sucker, and share your bread with those who lack the common sense and discipline to manage their own lives. If you just got laid off with zero savings and bills up to your eyeballs, you're in a mess of your own making. No sympathy!


Thank YOU Common! Too many lazy Americans who aren't willing to work...definitely shouldn't be the ones to get our charity!

Cape Fear region helping to support Sudanese orphans

i am all for helping orphans, but why cant we help the orphans here in the states???? there are starving children and families here that lose everything that they have b/c our economy has gone to the dump. why cant we raise money for the homeless shelters and the orphanages in the US? i would like to know why the USA is turning their backs on their own to help other countries??!!?? i donate to the shelters the best way that i can. my husband, children and myself do what we can when we can. why cant everyone else? there are starving children here that die every day due to no food, shelter or anyone to love them. everytime that i hear of money being raised and food being sent overseas, i get so outraged!! instead of helping other countries, how about lets help our own for once!!!

Tell Me

Tell me please, what difference does it make? A life saved is a life saved? Does being on one side of a border make one life more valuable than another?


I have say I agree with Guest 1996. There is no difference, saving a life is saving a life. However, lives need saving right here in our country. I think the point was that the US is looked to to be everyone's elses' savior that our own are being neglected/forgotten and with the way our economy is hurting many hardworking Americans and THEIR kids, maybe it is about time we looked around our country and gave people some help. It has nothing to do with taking away from helping others in other countries, but has everything to do with helping people in our country who need it just as badly. Maybe if we all looked to help each other right here in the good US of A we could bring our morale back, bring our economy back, and then we just might be looked at as a great country once again. One that others look to again for help.

I don't think they were

I don't think they were talking about which life was more important. The point they were trying to making i think was that charity should begin at home.

Yes it does...

Cause we are having our own issues in the US right now... It was all good back when our country was high dollar, but now we have so much unemployment, families with true issues.. sorry but we need to keep our $$ here and help those here....