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Car jumps median, slams into Wrightsville Beach drawbridge


WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) -- A young woman driving a Land Rover SUV crashed into the Wrightsville Beach drawbridge around 8:40 p.m. Friday. Wrightsville Beach Police tell WWAY that the driver hit the center median, but overcompensated and swerved too much to the right slamming into the concrete portion of the bridge. The car landed about five feet to the right of the drawbridge portion of the bridge. Work crews from the Department of Transportation completed a temporary repair of the bridge around 1 a.m. Saturday. A ten-foot chunk of cement was hauled off. Permanent repairs to the structure will likely be made Monday night.

Nobody was injured in the accident, but a portion of the car did hang out over the Intracoastal Waterway. Wrightsville Beach Police have charged the woman with unsafe driving. There is not any suspicion of driving while impaired. There were two passengers in the car.

WWAY was on the scene early Saturday morning during the DOT repairs to the bridge. There were some minor traffic delays, but none are expected again until the permanent repairs are made Monday night.

The photo posted on this website was taken just minutes after the accident by a WWAY viewer.

Video of the repairs will be shown on Good Morning Carolina on Monday morning with news anchor Marcy Cuevas.

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The Photo mention the photo, but the one on your home page is so tiny, you can't tell what it is, and when you click the link to the story, the photo is not there...WHY?

If the picture is worth putting with the story, put one that you can see or one that when you click on it, it will open to the larger size picture...

yea, the"car" jump the median huh?

I love how its the inanimate object that jumped the median, not the woman driving it.

Funny how its a "Land Rover SUV" as well. Someone do something FAST! We are being attacked by SUVs.

And is there ANYONE out there that wants to see video of the repairs?

Irresponsible driving behavior

This may not be the case but so many people are still texting or have their cellphone up to their ear. I wish we had New York's law regarding all cellphone operation must be hands free. Next time you see some really bad driving going on, odds are their is a cellphone involved.

Used to, if you saw a car

Used to, if you saw a car all over the road, you assumed the driver had been drinking. Now, it is either a drunk driver or a cell phone user. At least the drunks did get back into their lanes from time to time. I saw a guy the other day come within a couple coats of paint from taking out a line of parked cars because he was fiddling with his phone.