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Carolina Beach braces for traffic as visitors arrive for Beach Music Festival

READ MORE: Carolina Beach braces for traffic as visitors arrive for Beach Music Festival

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) -- As Carolina Beach prepares for thousands of music lovers for its annual Beach Music Festival, residents and business owners are anticipating problems with an unpopular traffic pattern. The four-lane Lake Park Blvd. is now two plus and a turn lane. Bike lanes were also added for a four-block stretch.

Town Manager Tim Owens says the changes were intended to slow traffic through the central business district, making it less like a thoroughfare and more pedestrian and biker friendly. People who live and work in Carolina Beach say the changes have created traffic problems.

"We need our tourists, and we don't need them sitting in line from here to Kure Beach because of this traffic knot," business owner Michael McLaughlin said.

Owens said Carolina Beach can change traffic back to the way it was if it proves not to work out. It will come at a price tag of $500,000. If that were to happen, it wouldn't be until after tourist season.

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Well, the "intent" was met...

...because SLOW is what they got! Add to it, people on their cell phones not paying attention and you have a snails pace getting through town. People are now using the bike lanes as right hand turn lanes in their lack of patience. This is an accident waiting to happen.

I never saw any indication of a single DOT traffic study, no counters, no cameras, no observers...nothing. Seems to me that if you are going to institute a new traffic pattern that may gridlock an already slow one, you would perform a study to avoid a half million dollar redo to put it back to where it was! A half-million dollars??? This isn't I-40, it's only two basic intersections and a few road-mark changes.

So, I suppose this is just another one those "award winning ideas" from our wonderful DOT that uselessly soaks up our tax dollars due to their inept ability to design a simple intersection in a 2 horse town.

They walk among us...and we pay them.

I'm very happy with the lane change

I wish the news outlets would quit saying that the new traffic pattern is an "unpopular traffic pattern" with residents. The majority of my neighbors are quite happy with the change and appreicate the new bike lanes. Yes, on a couple of busy weekends there might be delays but there were delays last year on the same weekends when there were four lanes.

The vast majority of the time, the three lanes are adequate for the traffic flow. And now residents and visitors have a much safer way of biking through town.

Glad to see the bikers happy... a lark, pedaling through the downtown CB with nary a worry.....

You'd best hope the police, fire and ambulances have bike service too when someone pulls out in front of you from one of those blinds parking spots into your little bikie path, all the while your ocean front villa burns to the dunes....

Happy Cycling!!!

Carolina Beach Traffic

Classic example of how elected people and government waste our tax money.

Too bad that the cost of fixing this bone-head idea can't be passed on to the one or ones that came up with this brilliant idea.
There's no logic involved.

If the plan was to slow down traffic, it certainly suceeded. I've heard of changing traffic patterns to facitate traffic flow, but never to slow it down.

If traffic needed to be slowed down, do it with speed limit signs.(And enforce it.)

I will not be visiting CB

I will not be visiting CB anymore, especially during the Summer. Changes should be made to improve traffic flow, not slow it down. If speeding is a problem, that is where the police come in. Wait until somebody backs out of a parking spot and over a bicycle rider. Since CB installed the bike lanes, they will be liable for damages. Without a doubt, putting in bike lanes between the parking spots and the main roadway ranks right up there with dumb and dumber.

What a sad loss for CB!

What a sad loss for CB! Enjoy Wrightsville Beach this summer...I hear there's no traffic there.