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Carolina Beach celebrates boardwalk makeover

CAROLINA BEACH -- Six months of renovations to Carolina Beach's historic oceanfront area were celebrated Saturday. Seventy-five thousand dollars in donations went into the renovations. Entertainment included live music, face painting, a dough nut eating contest, programs sponsored by the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher, and much more. Business was booming for many of the shops and restaurants. Gary Toppin and his family have been coming to Carolina Beach for about twelve years. He said, "It's been pretty amazing to see the changes that have gone on, especially since the Marriott went up, that's when we saw a lot of the new businesses coming in and reinvestment, revitalization of the boardwalk down here and it's good to see that and more people coming down, more things to do."

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For me it's all the efforts

For me it's all the efforts to bring more people to CB that make it less pleasant. I love this little community the most in the winter when it's a ghost town... In the summer i find myself wishing all the tourists would just overshoot us and land in myrtle.

RE: Just great CB!

"Good to see the money isn't wasted on something like educations..."

Carolina Beach

Whomever approved the building of that tall Marriot must have been craaaazy. It looks ridiculous and ugly


I always thought donut/doughnut was one word? It sure has changed down there in the last 15 years or so.

Carolina Beach

I was at the boardwalk area a couple of weeks ago and was glad to see that the area had fresh paint. It looked a heck of alot better. Before it looked so grungy, who would ever want to vacation there. Homeless people pacing around etc. Get the nasty bars out of there please. Again who wants to take kids there when men are sitting on barstools at 10 in the morning. Make the area for drunks or families. Not both.

Drunk elitism?

So are the college aged drunks that frquent Wrightsville Beach somehow superior to the old, grizzled drunks that hang out at Carolina Beach? They smell the same. They behave the same. The only discernible difference is that the Carolina Beach drunks have years of experience on their side and are conditioned to be out there slamming them back at 10 AM. The rookie drunks at Wrightsville Beach are too hung over to emerge before sunset. But they catch up quickly. By Midnight, you can't tell them apart. Either way, a drunk is a drunk, and a beach frequented by drunks is a hangout for drunks, whether the homes cost millions or a few hundred thousand.

i don't like the way the

i don't like the way the boardwalk looks now. i've been hanging out on the boardwalk just about every day for five years and it was just fine the way it was

I Can't Resist! This Is Too Easy!

That must have been why they changed it!

Carolina Beach Boardwalk Makeover

I remember a time when CB was the blue collar beach & it was packed for years during the in season. But when our administrators decided they wanted "better, upper class people" to grace the presence of CB then that's when CB started to become less packed. Yes, I would love to have a "boardwalk" for the residents & tourists alike, no matter their income. I would clear everything in the CBD area first, including the Marriott, it just seems out of place. Provide a 200 foot oceanfront buffer for the hurricane tidal surges, then I would design that no buildings are over 50ft., ground level all parking, 2-3 levels above the parking, north CBD with local motels with conference centers, central CBD with gamerooms, shopping, family amusements, movie house, restaurants, etc. then the south CBD with dance halls, bars & lounges & an area for street dancing. Very strict building & zoning laws & no conditions or giving streets away to developers. We need to become stricter with what is developed on CB because the current rate destruction & pollution of our environment is unacceptable.


I would like to know why everybody feels like they know what is best for the boardwalk. First of all you would not like it if people were writing to the paper about wanting to tear down your property. Would you? People there have been trying to get the boardwalk going for years. Sounds to me like you guys are speaking of eminent domain. Is that really Ok? Is that really what you want? I wish that people would think before they write. It makes me think that people are very narcissistic that write their opinions on these articles.

It's a good start

I wasn't there for the grand opening but I saw the progress down there a couple of weeks ago. It is a big improvement! Hopefully this will attract more consumers and more businesses to fill in the empty spaces.

The best "makeover"...

would be a do-over...with Cat D-9 dozers lined side-by-side dozing the entire area...then "makeover"

They even added.....

a new car to the bumper cars..and a PacMan video game to the arcade...Way to go Carolina Beach!!!

Just great Cb!

CB looks even more like an expensive ghetto that the snobs can push the medium-lower income people out of just like WB... Good to see the money isn't wasted on something like educations, hurricane upgrades, etc.. Way to go CB! This will look great covered by 3 feet of sand in a few months... if it's still there.

RE: Just great CB!

"Good to see the money isn't wasted on something like educations.."