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Carolina Beach holds cadidates forum

Residents in Carolina Beach had the chance to ask future town leaders what they would do if elected Monday night. Some of the hot button topics tonight were the revitalization of the Downtown business district and the re-nourishment of the beach. There are four candidates running for two available seats on town council and 2 candidates for mayor. The mayoral candidates are Alan Gilbert who's been Mayor Pro Tem for two years and Joel Macon, who's been on the Carolina Beach Town Council for nearly twelve years. Michael Kopitopolus, incumbent Pat Efird, Lonnie Lashley, and Dan Wilcox and are vying for the two town council seats. The election is still weeks away, but residents are not wasting any time getting to know the candidates. "I'd like to see what people have in store for us in the future. If they're actually going to do anything or if we're going to have more of the same," Resident Shawn Underwood said, "We've had three two majorities for so long, it would be nice to see people who can work together and sort out issues, whether they agree or disagree with each other." Candidates were asked questions resident's submitted. Each person vying for an elected position had to answer the same questions. That's a different format that what's been used in years past. Overall people who attended tonight's candidates forum at the Carolina Beach Courtyard Marriott say the format was helpful for when they head to the polls. Election day is November 6.

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Carolina Beach Candidates Forum

I think that everyone should be able to see and hear the candidates running for office in Carolina Beach. I filmed the entire event and want it to be seen, If you are interested, let me know. Megan did a great job at the Forum, as did Si and Island Gazette"s Will Killough. Thanks to The Island Gazette and The Marriot for making it happen. Best Wishes Richard Anderson Carolina Beach NC

candidates for Carolina Beach

In the Wednesday, October 10,2007 issue of the Island Gazette there was a section on the cadidates and their criminal records. I found it very interesting that I had to find it in a local newspaper and not on my local news station. I understand that it is not in the stations interest to trash the candidates but I found it very informative that one of the candidates running on a write in for Mayor had a DWI in the last 5 years and another one running for Mayor had a very serious domestic violence which he admitted to at the time. I don't think these are petty offenses. Please try to keep us informed. At least get someone at yourstation to look at this article in the Gazette, people need to be better informed.

reply to C.J.G.

Do you mean to tell me that you have nothing better to do in your life than checking out the local papers and the news? Regarding the violations candidates make and that you should've been informed by the news instead of the local paper!! Well we all need to be informed of actions people make that effects our lives--don't we?? You really shouldn't talk about not being informed, do you know what that feels like?? I will forever...... Your Friend!!

I agree, where is the local

I agree, where is the local tv media or the star news on this. I think these issues have a bearing on the character of these people running for office and should be news worthy. not saying everyone does not have some skeletons to hide but if you are going to make decisions that affect a lot of folks I think we need to know what kind of person you really are before you can get elected to public office. Follow up please