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Carolina Beach man sentenced for murder-for-hire scheme

A Carolina Beach man has been sentenced to 15 years in federal prison after pleading guilty to a murder-for-hire scheme. James Yuratovich conspired to have a Carolina Beach police officer and a local restaurant owner killed. The two purported hit men he was dealing with turned out to be FBI agents. Police say Yuratovich was trying to set up a cocaine operation and wanted his two intended victims out of the way.

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First and foremost, none of

First and foremost, none of you know what happened or what didnt happen! So everyone should mind your own business! And for the one who said he should get the death penalty should get the full story on this mans case! So everyone mind your own business and leave him alone!!

Carolina Beach Man Sentenced for murder-for-hire scheme

People should not judge a man based on what you read in the press. I have detailed information about this case and I know it was a "set-up". Although the accused may have his problems, he did not initiate any plot for murder-for-hire. The whole scenario was created by a criminal informant who is, of course, free while Mr. Yuratovich is paying the price. The justice system has failed, again....

That's awful. And I know

That's awful. And I know things like that can and do happen everywhere, but the more I hear the more twisted Carolina Beach becomes.

Carolina Beach Man Sentenced for murder-for-hire scheme

The comment by WilmMan could not be more wrong. Anyone who really knows any facts about this case understands that the scheme was hatched by a two-time convicted criminal informant who "befriended" Mr. Yuratovich. James Yuratovich had no intention of harming anyone, but when you have a criminal informant, in cooperation with undercover agents, anyone can be made to look bad. What do you think happened to the convict criminal informant who caused this whole mess, to get himself out of a jail sentence? You guessed it, he's free.

Carolina Beach Man Sentenced for murder-for-hire scheme

The comment by WilmMan is not only inappropriate but shows a total lack of knowledge of this case. If anyone had cared to find the truth about this matter, they would learn that this whole scheme was hatched by someone on the Beach who was a two-time Federally convicted criminal informant who set up the whole plot to get himself off his second federal indictment in Virginia. Mr.Yuratovich now has to pay the price and is really a victim in this whole mess.

Just goes to show you how

Just goes to show you how your mind works when you are jacked up on cocaine all the time. Think you are invincible and going to make people disappear. Well, Jim operated a garage behind A&G BBQ and I took my car to him. He disappeared for a week while my car sat waiting to be worked on. Maybe if he spent as much energy building a reputation as a good mechanic instead of aspiring to be Tony Montana.

He needs the death penalty

Only 15 years...he should get life or worse.