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Carolina Beach mayoral race too close to call

CAROLINA BEACH -- The mayor's race in the town of Carolina Beach is still too close to call. Alan Gilbert received 503 votes, Joel Macon was just three votes ahead with 506. The rules in Carolina Beach say the candidate with the highest number of votes wins. But provisional ballots have not all been counted. The final tally will be next Tuesday. After that the two candidates will be able to ask for a recount if they so choose. Macon said, "No, I will not call for a recount. I will not waste people's time and money with a recount. If Alan wins by one vote, then he wins by one vote. I will not call for a recount." Gilbert was not available for an on-camera interview today. He told us over the phone that he wants to wait and see what happens before deciding if a recount is necessary.

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I looked at the voting results It apears that Dan Wilcox seems to have gotten the highest vote count for councilman by a very very significant margin. This appears to reflect the will of the people and a bit of a mandate on his platform. Im happy for I think he deserved to win. I think Dan Wilcox is hardworking, honest and diligent man and hopefully his efforts will enure to the benefit of this community. As far as the mayoral race the will of the people was split amongst three candidates. The previous comment ( or implication) that a run off vote between Gilbert and Macon would result in a Gilbert victory is based on what. Gilbert a incumbment mayor had the advantage of the incumbent and still failed to get a majority of the votes. Not suprising considerering his record of achievement or lack of record of achievement. The truth is and I believe its pretty well known in the community that Macon was probably more affected by a third party candidate than Gilbert (look at the margin for Wilcox basically running in oppostion to the policies of Gilbert). In any event it appears macon has won. Gilbert if somehow he is declared to be the winner will be without a mandate and without the backing of a majority of the voters. I hope that Dan Wilcox can help bring this town and community together so that politicians can work for the betterment of the whole community . We seen the benefis of the extreme polarization that occurred in the last few years. I dont think anyone can say things have gotten better in Carolina Beach as a result of the politics of polarization. Now I dont blame Gilbert for all the problems. I understand people have to play the hand they are dealt. I just hope whatever cards Carolina Beach are dealt the politicans play their hands as best as they can for the benefit of the community. I honestly dont feel Gilbert has not done this I hope if by chance he squeaks through he stops with the politics of polarization and seeks to do better for the community. Enough pretending to do for the community its time to see some results. m

Carolina Beach Mayor election

Votes do count and for the nearly 70% of voters who did not vote-shame on you. It will be a sad day at CB with Macon as the mayor. I believe since the votes are so close then we should have another vote without Rothrock to see who the people of CB truly want as mayor. We are a town divided trying to be a small community for people to live, work & play and for the visitors to have opportunities to enjoy the amenities. It's time to start developing for the future and to save the environment for our children which Joel Macon, Dan Wilcox will not do. If it brings more money for Macon & Wilcox then they will vote for the project without caring for the environment at all.


Why don't we just keep voting till we get who you want in office?