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Carolina Beach moving forward on aquarium pier project


CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) -- Carolina Beach visitors may soon have a new place to fish. The Fort Fisher Aquarium is expanding by building a pier.

It'll be a 1,000-foot long concrete pier complete with educational facilities and fish tanks. The town council approved plans last night to build the pier on Carolina Beach avenue north where the Surf Motel is now.

"Our goal as the town is minimize the cost of that land to the taxpayers and still bring a wonderful feature to the beach, which a state-run, educational fishing pier here would be a huge, huge benefit to our town," councilman Dan Wilcox said.

The total price tag for the project is about $20 million. The aquarium will pay about $16 million with money from admissions. The town is applying for grants to cover the rest.

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There are 3 piers planned,

There are 3 piers planned, one is Jennets Pier..its is about 1/2 way built. The other two... one at Carolina Beach and one at Emerald Isle are all to be part of the aquarium system and no tax money is to be used. The aquarium web page has updates on them. They have slowed down a lot since Mrs Perdue took office and replaced the Sectretary of the Environment and Natural Resources. Maybe the plan is back on track

Surf City Tom

Always got to find something to whine or complain about.

Who is

whining? The news report was somewhat unclear as to the plan. The NC Acquarium is in Kure Beach near Fort Fisher.

The site listed for the pier is in Carolina Beach.

Seems better to ask a relevant question rather than record a single digit IQ post.

But then, maybe you're someone who has a court date next week or one of that person's warm cozy friends.

Why don't you take up a relevant cause? The water & sewer line breaks or the closed meetings of WHA? Might give you something to do other than collect entitlements and troll after me.

Is there not

a state run acquarium at Fort Fisher?

Will the 2 not be competing if the second is built?

In this economy, and the possibility that property tax revenues will drop when the next re-evaluation occurs, and with so many foreclosures at Carolina Beach, is this the wisest way to use funding?

Is the word grant not another word for state taxpayer dollars?


I thought you read everything before commenting.It says,Fort Fisher Acquarium wants to expand. I believe that means they will control both.


the acquarium is state owned. Adjacent to it is a very large state owned visitor center. One might think there would be some cost savings in putting the pier there.

But I'm certain someone will have a whippy response to explain the cost savings & effective management knowing the site proposed is 7 miles from the acquarium.

And of course no one questions the current ownership of the proposed site or the cost of the property.

It's great knowing there are so many witty posters who have anticipated all of the issues.


Yo surf city Tom I have lived on this Island for twenty years, the ones that approved this were the ones that proposed it prior to them being voted out of office now that they were voted back in (due to the idiocy of the last mayor and council) they are moving forward with the original Idea. If the town of Carolina Beach is known for anything it is the profitability of elected office. If you think they do not stand to make a buck somehow you are kidding yourself
That's why I am moving the little guy on this beach is nothing more to the town government than a milk cow is to a farmer and if you do not give when demanded you get sent off to the processing plant and turned into hamburger


it only took you 4 years to come up with that witless post. For the record, I do not live on Carolina Beach. You might want to bone up on geography before your next post.