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Carolina Beach not getting the sand it needs

The town of Carolina Beach has a federal project to re-nourish their beach every three years. Initially, the strand of the beach from north end all the way to the lake would be re-nourished, but the town will only receive half of the sand they had expected due to a lack of funding. That means the nourishment will stop around Sailfish Lane, which is halfway from the north end to the lake. Town manager Tim Owens says the area that needs it most, won't be getting a sufficient amount of sand to act as a buffer in case of a severe storm. "The storm protection level will be a little less, because the project has been scaled down." Another reason the project was scaled back is because the Army Corp of Engineers received bids for other projects in our area that were higher than they expected. The project is expected to be complete by April or May of 2010. The town still thinks they may be able to secure additional funding before that date.

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The Town allowed overbuilding on the beach so it should be the towns problem to renew the beach. You can't fight mother nature- Let nature take it's course and stop wasting tax dollars!


Amen, and while we are at it let's make it a private beach where only residents are allowed.


First of all for all of you saying its public money for a public beach, that's not the case. The beach will naturally be there for our enjoyment forever. It will just change and take different forms as nature goes to work. So no reason to spend money adding sand so people can enjoy the beach. Its to save the houses and hotels from falling in the ocean. They need the houses and hotels to keep tourists coming, and to collect tax revenue. That is what its all about. I believe a house built on the beach should not be covered by insurance. The risk is to great. It should be build at your own risk. Why should us average tax payers have to pay to protect these rich peoples houses. Everyone wonder why insurance premiums are high, insuring a house on the beach is like insuring a vehicle for an alcoholic with repeat DUI's. Just doesn't make sense.

Public vs. Provate

There is a phrase known as "quality of life".. It is what attracts new residents, vacationers, tourists, and business to any specific area. Without beaches, without parks, without things to entice visitors the local economy would perish and decline... It is more than a fact of life.. It is a statistic...

Funding Problems

Where is money from the stimulus package? According to Fox News prisoners are getting a share of it now! So why cant our beaches? Please lets save all the rich peoples houses with our tax money.

You're saving a PUBLIC beach

As long as a beach is open to the public, it's only right that public money be used to replenish it. Make it a private beach and the residents will (in all probability) gladly pay for replenishment themselves.

Just like

Why don't you go buy your own beach? Take care of it with your own money? I don't want my tax dollars paying for you laying around on a public beach. Buy your own to go with your healthcare..... I love how you think it is only right for tax dollars to pay for this, but not for something that would actually benefit people.

Are you serious?

Keep to the topics here. It is a beach and not healthcare. The beaches benefit many people around here. Please get off your liberal rant and offer something to this discussion other than your obvious lack of intelligence.


that is about the most ignorant statement on here! First of all our tax's that we pay help for roads, parks, building etc., in Wilmington. Our Room Occupancy Taxes from hotels and motels are spent throughout the Wilmington area. You don't see us crying about money spent in your Area. Grow up and please do yourself a favor...think before you type.

You miss the BIG difference

Replenishing that beach benefits everyone of every economic class that goes to that beach. The proposed Obamacare rewards those who can't manage their own lives at the expense of those who have worked hard and are successful. It's the difference between common benefit to all and class warfare/forced redistribution of wealth.

You realize

Everyone gets a piece of healthcare too..... I'd rather have that than a beach..... You seem to be missing the point that you already pay for insurance for most of the will nots....This helps the can nots and anyone else who may want to use it.....including you...

Please note

This is not about healthcare, it is about a beach. It seems your eye to brain function is not functioning on here. Lets keep on the topic of beaches. Oh, are you just following Common around and trying to look like a little dog following his master. In the past few days, I only see you responding to Common's statements. Lets see if you take off your pull ups, put on some big boy underwear and hold a conversation with others than just him. Your liberal whining seems to go with your bed wetting.

But what do you pay for that piece?

Everyone (supposedly) gets a piece of health care, but far too few of us get to pay the lion's share for it. Socialism has consistently proven to be a failure. Even Europe is starting to back off and restrict benefits. They can't support it with tax rates approaching 50% in many countries. It's a fatally flawed system. The wealthy stop trying to get wealthier because the government simply keeps taking it, and the poor give up because they know that the government will take care of them. Society gradually sinks into mediocrity...until the money runs out and it all comes crumbling down quickly.

Common, it is obvious you are in

a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent. You state this all the time and the liberal bed wetters dont seem to be able to read.

I agree

I certainly agree with what you said. When it becomes unprofitable for the rich too work they quit, close their businesses, and live off what they have managed to earn and save.

Fundiing Problems?

Fundiing Problems? Seriously... You can fund a stupid Emusement Park for all of the tourists yet you cant fund for enough sand so they continue coming? Sounds like some community leaders need to re-prioritize their funding issues.

What about all the money

What about all the money that freeman park is bringing in. $50 for year pass and $20 day passes and there is usually about 2 to 3 thousand trucks out there every weekend. you do the math

a solution

You travel down a very slippery slope when you start asking what the town is doing with that Freeman park money, when the CBPD is cruising around in brand new luxury cop cars... Why don't we take all those ridiculous gas guzzling weenie extensions from the cops, throw them in the water, and make an artificial reef? I, for one, would be glad to donate my bicycle to a needy public official...

$60 a year and $20 a day.

$60 a year and $20 a day.

Up again?

Has the cost of a year pass gone up again? It was $50 this year. It started out at $40 when they made it where you had to have a pass. I know they upped the day pass from $10 to $20.


yes and I hear that the cost is going up next year.

Will be worth it

It will be worth it if it will keep some of the stupid acting people away. Need to raise the fine for littering and enforce it. Some people are too lazy to carry out or take it to one of the many trash cans.


I am glad. I mean really, the more responsible people out there the better. That is one of the best places in Wilmington. I really enjoy a good weekend of fun out there.