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Carolina Beach Police deny ordering teens to pull shark from ocean

READ MORE: Carolina Beach Police deny ordering teens to pull shark from ocean

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) -- Teens claim cops in Carolina Beach ordered them to drag a dying, eight-foot tiger shark on shore Monday night. Police came out today saying that never happened

The shark covered in flies and left to decompose Tuesday in a maintenance yard has been buried. Meanwhile, Carolina Beach Police Chief William Younginer talked to his officers who were working Monday night when the shark was dragged up on the beach.

"Once the first officers arrived on scene, the shark was out of the water and the shark never went back to the water," Younginer said, but that's not what the teens who tried to save the shark said. Evan Pye, 15 told WWAY Wednesday he sticks by his word. He says police officers ordered him and his friends to drag the protected species from shallow water onto the beach and let it die.

"They're like, 'Bring it up right now,' and started yelling at us and stuff like that and telling us that they're going to arrest us and stuff like that," Pye said Tuesday.

Younginer says the officers knew the shark had been out of the water too long and wasn't going to survive. He says witnesses told him the shark had a hook in its mouth. Because its mouth was covered in blood, experts at the Fort Fisher Aquarium think the shark was caught by a fisherman and put up such a big fight, it was tired and may have come close to shore to die.

Younginer says he now knows what to do if this happens in the future.

"We found an individual at UNCW that said if we call him, he will come out, because he'd like to study them even if the shark is dead," Younginer said. He said he's going to teach his officers how to handle the situation better next time. "We try to be sensitive to people's desires and needs and think about animals, because we have other animals that get hit and die or are dying, and we try to take care of all of them, but sometimes you can't save all of them, and that shark was one of them that wasn't going to be saved."

Younginer said he wishes his officers had gotten the shark off the beach and buried it a lot sooner. As of now, the North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries says it is not going to investigate the incident.

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This should not die out

I myself will ask over and over what happened to the officers in this case.I will keep checking and bringing it up till something is all have said several laws where broken here by those officers...someone from Fort Fisher should have been called right away...the shark should have been towed out to sea...there it may have regained its composer or strength and/or passed away...either way this is the law of the sea... if it died it would have been food for other fish as it is intended to be..I agree with the fact the children had no reason to tell a tall I have just lately seen the same thing happen to a 7 foot shark at Top Sail Island and saw (from the pier) grown men pull the sharks teeth out while it was still breathing on the beach..a call was placed by another person on the pier to report what was going on but I never saw the first officer show up. I never knew that the Tiger was I am kinda new to the is a very sad day when officers make wrong choices in such a small matter..and scary at the same time.

haha. before going on

haha. before going on public sites and automatically assuming something happened when u werent there...u should first do your hw! the 15yo kid lied to the media and was caught too. the cbpd is a great department! dont believe the media bc u will be surprised how much of it is actually wrong!

Police should not be so visible at the beach business districts

its bad for business to have constant visible groups of cops in the beach business districts. At least put on some plain clothes and drive an unmarked or something. People see the beach as a relaxing place but so many cops make it feel just too policed and makes people stop to think twice before crossing the bridge to eat or buy goods on the island. And yes law abiding citizens feel this way. Get over yourselves.

I beg to differ on many of

I beg to differ on many of the post. My son told the truth. I stand by him since I came down to the beach after his call, and watched the shark breathing!! it was NOT dead, and it WAS in the water being taken out to help get its orientation and swim off, but then my son, and others were told to get it out of the water.....if this was an adult with a good standing in the community, he would have been believed and an investigation done. My son was taught to tell the truth no matter who or what it is, and stand for yourself and your words. Evan would not go on 2 tv stations, and in 2 newspapers with the same story if he was lying!! So, people, what you should be doing is asking the police HOW MANY sharks are taken off the beach alive and died because of them, then TOWED AWAY....I understand it is many, "as to not let the visitors see it"....Dont worry about a harmless shark that is on the endangered species list, just let it die!! Why not ask all the towing guys how often this is done....oh, hold on, after this is read by one of the officers, there will be a meeting, and all the story's will be LIES! GET OUT of a lawsuit maybe??? maybe not??? Think because they are the law? No, because their is people BIGGER than they are....they should be ruuning!! I would be scared to.....

phones, no camera?

I don't get it. All those teens on the beach, and no one took pics of the cops? No video for YouTube? That is a first, isn't it?

Whatever happened, whether cops are lying, kids are, or all the truth is exaggerated, no documentation, everybody is blowing hot air.

what killed it?

They should've done a necropsy on it; with all the crap going on in the Gulf with the Corexit and oil, I wouldn't be surprised if the thing was poisoned.

you know, and stuff like that

Mr. Pye,
I am sure that in your 15 years you have learned all you need to know about life, but let me say, There is no way and officer told you, or your frinds, or anyone else, to DRAG a shark onto the beach.
Why would they let a juvenile and his friends risk being attacked, if they had no idea if alive or dead.
And at 11:30 where were your parents? You know, and stuff like that.

Who are you to question?!?!

G-E-K,You seem like someone who should probably rethink what you are saying here!!If you weren't there, then you have no idea what this young man was asked to do,or what was said or done!!Why cast doubt on someone simply because of age!!People make stupid decisions when faced with emergency situations,including police officers!!It would make sense because THEY don't want to mess up their uniforms,and someone AT the beach would be properly attired to go in and drag the shark to shore,which is understandable in a "protect and serve" kind of way!!They would have wanted to remove the threat,and that is understandable,however what is not understandable is lying about it to cover your tail!!Don't tarnish this young man's image to make it look good!!The truth will prevail,sir and when it does I expect to see an apology from you and the officers involved,understood?-This young man had no reason to lie about the incident and was just enjoying the beach,the officers however,were on duty-Think about it!!

I am MR PYE's mother, and I

I am MR PYE's mother, and I work for our local paper, and Evan knows that he isnt to say anything especially to the media that isnt true. There were many witnesses that saw the officers demand him and others bring the shark to shore. And yes, my question is just that, why would they let or make a juvenile pull a shark up to shore. It was a bad decision on the officers part. I believe that anyone who wants to call my son a liar, should investigate the situation before they do!! And I knew where my son was, and that irrelevant to this story!! I in fact was there right after he called me, and the pictures that you are looking at are mine. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and that is all that it is, but I am standing by my son, and the others that were there, when he comes to his story that are FACTS. When it comes to kids, their stories are always put as "lying", "made up" or "exaggerated", and never looked at as possibly true. I will be the voice of my son, since I am an adult, but wether you or anyone else wants to believe it is your entitlement. Thank you, Cindy Pye-Labod

was there

I was there so let me explain what happened. Police arrive on the beach after being called and find kids holding the mouth of the shark open. The shark was approximately 25 yards from the edge of the water and appeared lifeless. The shark had already at this point been out of the water 20 min. The people inquired the officer about putting it back in the water and due to the safety hazard that would have caused the officers told them no. The officer tried to call the Aquarium and UNCW and had no luck from either one. The officer then tried to contact public works to come out and remove the animal fro the beach. Public works was unable to respond so he called a tow truck which has removed sharks from the beach in the past.

That is what happened. If the officer's allowed the bystanders to try and put the shark back in the water and one of the kids would have gotten bitten every monday night Quarterback on this sight would be bashing them because they allowed a kid to get injured.

Not a law enforcement job.........

It should not be the responsibility of law municipal law enforcement officers to handle incidents involving wildlife. There are animal control officers, wildlife officers, marine patrol officers and fish and game officers as well as experts in marine biology which should be called in such incidents.

This is such a non issue........

I seem to believe the kids.

I seem to believe the kids. I really don't think they would make up a lie on a cop. I assume the cops didn't want to mess with handling a fish, so they thought they could scare the kids into doing their job for them. However, I doubt anybody, cops or kids had a clue the Shark was an endangered fish. This is something that came out later to add drama to the story.

I would still like to see

I would still like to see another outside neutral agency to investigate. Wither or not there was abuse of power from CB Police and the were people at fault for killing a federal endangered protected species. When North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries says it will not investigate that is very p**s poor and laziness in their be-half. There does not need to be anyone local investigate this matter.

I agree totally!! An

I agree totally!! An investigation needs to be done but I think with the police calling my son a liar and that the shark was already dead and up on shore, they may not. Believe the liars gets you further in life!! I should call them myself and tell my story, and show the outpour of witnesses, then maybe they will do an investigation!!

Cindy PYe-Labod

well to be honest

It's actually a Sand Tiger Shark, not a Tiger Shark

CB cops

Almost every local has a story about the CBPD's bumbling moronic ways. They are a joke of a police department, and a laughingstock among their peers in the SHP, county, or city... They are well known for writing BS tickets, and almost every judge downtown laughs their cases out of court. All they do is set up roadblocks, hide behind bushes, or harass 15 year olds. The CBPD wouldn't know real police work if it was fried into a Britts donut.

This kid's story is absolutely believable. The DA needs to have the kid make a sworn statement and get the feds involved. The officers knew the shark had been out too long and would die? They teach marine biology in that 6 week BLET course now?

6 weeks, yea right.

Since you know so much, step up and try to make it the 16 weeks of class. It is currently 624 hours of training to get a BLET certificate. Step up big boy, but I doubt you could pass the POPAT.

Problems with CB police, Thump?

That's some mighty negative, name-calling accusations you have there Kilroy! Sounds to me like you must be one of the few ignorant, toothless, trailer dwelling, legacy CB drunks the police there still have to tolerate! You know about the courts, the Judges, the roadblocks, bush hiding and harrassment AND you have knowledge of Britts donuts. You have run the guantlet with the CB police and obviously lost too many times!!!! Sometimes fools need to keep their mouths shut to avoid parading their ignorance to everyone.

And you believe the kids story? He was nothing more than a stringy haired kid with a nose-bud that displayed zero credibility on camera! There's strike number two for yours!

No, actually,

Sounds like I hit a nerve, officer...

Yeah, I got a ticket once from one of your cohorts (maybe even you) for having my car stereo too loud. Only problem was I didn't have a stereo in the car. I stand by my statements. They haven't beaten me in court. Ever.

You think you can pigeonhole me with the degenerate drunks on the boardwalk but the fact is I am a family man (with all my teeth thank you) who rarely drinks at the bars. They like to pull me over usually going to or from work, and always seem pissed I'm not drinking.

Fools need to keep their mouths shut? It's a message board you twit my mouth is shut...

So, "guest461", howsabout taking your fingers off your keyboard and placing them back to their usual position in your smart ass. That is unless you have a bush to go hide behind.

2 sides to every story

There are 2 sides to every story, and unless there is audio or video evidence, I doubt we'll ever know for sure what happened.

Although, while I have certainly met plenty of officers that act far from professional, saying that they were hollering for the kids to drag the shark up the beach or be arrested seems a little far fetched. I doubt the kids could drag the fish on dry sand even if they tried.

Nope...there are 3 sides to every story...

....what the kids say happened, what the police say happened...and what REALLY happened.

Shark Pulled On To Beach

It doesn't matter whether the shark was going to die. You simply do not leave an animal gasping for air on the beach to slowly die. You either put it back into the water or quickly and humanely put it to death to end its suffering.


So, what about if the shark had come up to die where no humans were? Who would "humanely" put it to death then? Who has been "humanely" putting sharks to death for the past 400 million years or so?

Quit applying human traits/actions to the animal kingdom. There is nothing "humane" about it...never has been and never will be. They are animals and not capable of being sad/scared/depressed/ having PTSD/PMS/phobias etc. Im sure youre going to tell me your cat is different blahblahblah, but its not. You just think it is. you prefer

that they shoot the animal?
That is the quickest and probably most humane to put the animal to death.
However, if this happened, I guarantee you would be the first to "throw stones" because as it would be said repeatedly "officers are not to use their weapons on innocent animals" or "the officers on duty should be fired" and probably a lot more of the good old sayings that get thrown around when someone is unhappy with a cop.

Everybody thinks they know better than the cops...then go be one!!
(and NO, I am not one!!)



Agree too

And then pull its teeth.

Cops also drive the tow

Cops also drive the tow truck in Carolina Beach which is a conflict of interest....


hahahahahahaahhaahahahaha!!!!! ur soooooo stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!! no they dont! wow......ur dumb!


What exactly does your comment have to do with this incident? Let me guess, you were towed at one time or another! Stay on track because you are drifting off here!

Point of Carolina Beach Cops

Point of Carolina Beach Cops and their monopoly! Get over it!