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Case dismissed against Brunswick County School Board

READ MORE: Case dismissed against Brunswick County School Board
Case dismissed. That was the ruling from a Brunswick County judge in the case against the Brunswick County School Board. Yesterday's hearing was to decide whether the case would go to trial. Judge Thomas Locke didn't give a reason why he dismissed the lawsuit. According to the law he doesn't have to. The parents of South Brunswick High School student Windy Hager filed the suit, alleging the school did not do enough to protect their daughter from teacher and cross country coach Brent Wuchae. Wuchae and Windy Hager got married last year when she was just 16. The court room was silent for about ten minutes while Thomas Locke made his decision. Brent Wuchae's attorney George Roundtree said, "She certainly is relieved. Her husband I'm sure will be relieved. Whether this is the end of the saga as far as her husband is concerned or not, we don't know. We hoped it is." Hagers' attorney Robert Tatum said, "They started screaming at the school board way before the stuff at the end finally happened. And frankly they didn't have much of an opportunity to let Windy go in the direction that she went." Tatum says the Hagers plan to appeal the judge's decision. Windy is graduating from South Brunswick this year -- a year early.

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It's Only About the Money

According to the Mr. Tatum yesterday (and I'm paraphasing), "The school system has insurance to cover things like this so why don't they just pay." He has made comments to similiar to this in the past. Obviously this only about the money for the parents, and not about anything else. They should show that they care about their daughter by letting this lawsuit go, and supporting her even if they believe her decision was wrong. She is their daughter! Only time will tell if this was the right decision for her. They need to remember what is most important and work on repairing the damage they have done to their relationship with her by making this a national story and filing the lawsuit against her husband. Mr. Tatum doesn't care about the family. He only cares about padding his checking account. Nothing is more important than family. If this is not repaired, the parents will miss out on their grandchildren and all the joy that they bring. Keeping this fight going will only drive a deeper wedge between them and Windy. Is that what they want?

If these clowns appeal the

If these clowns appeal the judge's decision to throw the lawsuit out and file another, they should be sent to jail for a frivilous lawsuit. They SIGNED for their daughter to get married. Case CLOSED!!!!!!

Parents lost their case the minute.....

The parents lost their case the minute they put their john hancock on the paper for her to get married to him. Windy is smart enough to finish high school with honors on June 14th and she is going on to college in the fall, So that shows that her head is screwed on the right way. I don't think it is right to marry your teacher but they have made it a year and went through all this crap so I hope that they live happily ever afer. She doesn't deserve to go through anything else.

This is just disgusting,

This is just disgusting, what state did she go that a 16yr old can marry a grown man. And her teacher at that. I mean at 16 I don't care what anyone says but your not mature enough to make a decision like marrage, she is barely legal to drive. I thought my cousin was crazy for getting married at 20, you haven't even lived your life yet. There is alot of living to do out there and being 16 and married it is going to be hard for her to do that.

This was the hot topic

about a year ago and trust me these forums were ablaze with arguments just like yours.

Was Wuchae excused from harm

Was Wuchae excused from harm of losing his teaching credentials when he joined with Brunswick County Schools against the Hagers?