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Cash for Clunkers running out of gas

READ MORE: Cash for Clunkers running out of gas
A billion dollars doesn't go as far as you might think. Funding for the federal government's Cash for Clunkers program is near empty, but it could get some refueling next week. Dealers and drivers throughout the U.S. have loved the Cash for Clunkers program. At Jeff Gordon Chevrolet in Wilmington, about 20 clunkers that have qualified for the government rebate have been recycled. One of them belonged to Linda Quinonez. "It wasn't just a matter of getting the full amount for the clunker, the car had been discounted and we got a great deal on it so we couldn't be happier," she said. In fact, car buyers throughout the country have been turning in their road warriors for up to $4,500 dollars in rebates so fast that the government has used up the billion dollars it set aside for the program. Friday, that caused confusion for people trying to take advantage of the incentives. "They said that there was a possibility of it being suspended, they weren't sure, but they think today could be the last day we could take advantage of it," said car shopper June Bonser. The U.S. House of Representatives voted to approve a bill that would put an additional $2 billion dollars into the program's tank. The government says they will honor trades through the weekend, as they wait for the Senate to vote on the $2 billion dollars. All of the local care dealers WWAY spoke with say they've seen an increase in traffic on their lots thanks to the program. Some say they have been having problems finding clunkers that meet the requirements. Still, many drivers whose cars aren't meeting the requirements have decided to leave the lot with a new car.

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while we are at it.....

If the government can come up with all this money to lure people in to buying new cars with insane car payments let them do the same with the housing industry, why not offer these kinds of deals to those who can buy a home? there are plenty of foreclosures out there. At least someone would be living in them and trying to gain something of substance instead of a massive car payment for something that will be dead and outdated in 5-10 years. I would sign up for that one, but for now I will just drive what I can that is paid for, even if it doesn't get the required gas mileage. In addition to that, what about those who need more than three seats in the back? My van qualifies to get traded in but I could not find anything with the seating or storage that qualifies. So what do I tell my kids or their friends or my grandchildren when I cannot even take them down the road in my shiny new car? this is the "change" that was voted for, so how are you liking it now???


just cant make this stuff up...MORE wasteful spending of my tax dollars...the money I PERSONALLY give up being used to allow someone ELSE buy a new car...way to go America! The TRUTH...more green house gases are expelled by animals out of their mouths and rear ends than cars...PERIOD..and if you don't believe it go do some research...getting these clunkers off the streets has done NOTHING but get Americans in debt and help GM...

This program

was billed as an attempt to jump start the American augto industry. Ride around Wilmington and see which lots moved more cars. If the Senate replenishes the fund, let's hop they limit the incentives to American manufactured vehicles -- GM, Ford, and Chrysler.

Some are made here

Some Honda's are made here in America, would that not qualify?


Marysville Ohio and other locales. What gets me is the guy driving around town with a "Don't put my American Flag on your foreign vehicle." His vehicle is a Chevy Tracker, made in Canada.


Honda or any foriegn based manufacturer receive funding from the Administration?

Thanks Democrats

The government can't even run the Cash for Clunkers program. How in the world are they going to run health care? Nevermind the consequences of the idiots who "took advantage" of this program. They'll realize later that the the government is taking advantage of their stupidity when their cars get repossessed.

Cash for Clunkers

This program may benefit some select few, but overall is a waste of taxpayer money. Why should I have to pay from my taxes to assist someone to buy a new car, when they may not have been intending to do so? And, there is also the significant expense of trashing all the cars turned in on the program. I can think of better uses for taxpayer money than shams like this.

I can't wait

I can't wait until the people that took out loans they can't afford start to have their cars repossessed. Then what government program will be developed to "get America rolling again!" or whatever nonsense the liberals can come up with. I know, lets spend more money.

I assure you of one thing,

I assure you of one thing, there will be a lot of regrets in the coming months from folks that traded perfectly good cars in on pure junk that will hardly last as long as the payment book.

Cash for clunkers joke

Speaking of payments, just what people need to do....GET DEEPER IN DEBT... The economy is bad now and the government wants people to sink even deeper.. way to go OBAMA !!