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Castle Hayne Elementary officially welcomed

New Hanover County's newest school, Castle Hayne Elementary, is officially open. Even though students have filled the halls since August, Friday marked the school's official dedication. Board members, administrators, faculty, staff and students gathered to celebrate. Students provided the entertainment, and guided tours of the shiny new school were also available. Parents said the school is a big hit with the kids. “He loves going to school. He comes home and says he loves going to school,” said Castle Hayne parent Lisa Lanier. “It's a lot easier to wake him up in the morning when he wants to get up.” Each classroom comes fully equipped with state of the art technology and computers. The school is built for 600 students grades K through 5. The 60-acre campus also allows for plenty of fun, with playgrounds and multiple sports fields.

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Where is the cell tower?

Where is the Cell Tower like the one that the New Hanover County Schools and CAMA are putting up at Murrayville Elementary School site. Meeting Next Thursday, New Hanover County Schools has all the info, they got the notice to be there. I want my children to have cell phone coverage like the ones at the Murrayville Elementary School in case I need to get in touch with them, or they me. Why should one school get this service for the students just because they live in a certain area. We should have cell towers on all the schools in New Hanover County. Parents have a right to be able to communicate with their children. Any time, any where! CAMA even allowed the destruction of a "wetland" area for this to take place. No other schools have a wetland area to be harmed for this to take place and help the rest of us out. Parents of Northern New Hanover need answers.


As a parent myself of a child attending Castle Hayne Elementary School I find it amusing that the only comment you have about this article is where are the cell phone towers! There is no need for a child in elementary school to have a cell phone in the class. If you need to get up with your child call the front office and have them relay the message. We don't need phones ringing and interrupting teachers and other students. Get a real concern like your child's education!


I cant believe that your post is serious so I am assuming you are joking? But I also know there are a ton of rednecks out there who really do worry about trivial details such as phone towers and cell phones for their children. I am also sure there will be some relic called a land line at the new school. If not then just so you know we get great reception out here in the boonies.

Why do your children need a

Why do your children need a cell phone in elementary school? Are you kidding me? You need to get up with them, call the office. That's part of their job. Honestly, and we wonder why our children are so far behind japan?

Cell Phone tower are harmful to our children

If you would do a little research, you can find articles on how cell phone towers can cause health problems to your children. We need to protect our children. They are having a hearing on the cell phone tower that might be placed at Murrayville Elementary School on November 2nd. Please come to the courthouse at 6:00pm to advocate for our children.