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Castle Hayne man arrested for alleged sex crimes

A Castle Hayne man is facing charges for sex crimes in Pender County. The Pender County Sheriff's Office arrested 34-year-old registered sex offender, Randall Bryant Thursday night. Bryant was charged with attempted kidnapping, solicitation of statutory sex offenses and indecent liberties with a child. Authorities said Bryant tried to solicit sex from a boy near a bus stop in Hampstead. He is being held in Pender County Jail under a one million dollar bond.

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sex offender

Ohio, SEXUAL OFFENSE, 1ST DEGREE W/CHILD 10/16/2003 He was in prison in Ohio for 2 years.He is on active probation. Registered here as BRYANT,RANDALL KNODLE 4017 HOLLY SHELTER RD CASTLE HAYNE, NC 28429 Who cares if he was GAY ? He is a predator of young children. BIG difference.

Innocent till proven guilty

Why is it every time a gay man gets arrested for a child sex offense everyone immediately makes a leap across a grand canyon to make him guilty. Just like the teacher being arrested, let's wait to hear the 15 year old's story, where is the dirt on them? 15 year olds know what they are doing and they are doing it. I feel sorry for people so quick to break out the rope.

I see your point. In NC it

I see your point. In NC it would have been legal if the boy had been 16. But unfortunately if he is one day shy of his 16th birthday, then it's a crime. Many teens are curious and want to explore. Is it not possible that he was curious and decided to freak out and make false accusations? YES, that's very possible. Let the jury decide.


What has Wilmington community come to? First the teacher that was allowed to step down and then move to another school system and nothing was noted in her record for this conduct with a minor. Second this man was found at a bus stop and he has a past history of a sex crime . Both of these people tried to take advange of minors. What has our community come to when everything is a PC situation where someone or something made the teacher and this man behave in this manner. Put the teacher and the man together in a cell.

No merit

His sexual orientation has no merit on this case. He is a registered sex offender that propositioned a child. Should we just let it go, tell him "don't do that" and everybody lives happily ever after?

Sexual Orientation

You ever think he was targeted because of his sexual orientation? It wouldn't be the first time a gay man has been wrongfully accused of a sex crime. This is discrimination and possibly a hate crime committed against Bryant. How do you know the teen on the bus didn't create this whole thing. Same with the teacher. People are out to get money and they will say and do anything to get it, even if it means ruining the reputation of the innocent. It will all come out in court, rest assured.

Randy Bryant

He's already a convicted sex offender for the very same thing....does anybody really believe he's innocent? I mean's a disease, he's drawn to young boys! He needs to be put away!

i agree...why are ppl tryna

i agree...why are ppl tryna take up for ppl who are sex offenders. just because they haven't done anything with your child doesn,t mean they dont try to do things with other ppl kids

you are correct

Yep, it is a hate crime to go after pedophiles. What a warped way of thinking you have.

sex offenders

As far as Mr. Bryant, I don't know what the details are with his case, but I believe a Wilmington Police Officer actually walked up on the teacher and the child doing something that would qualify. In fact, she was arrested on the spot. Kind of hard to deny when you're caught red handed.

yes, it will

Remember, he is a registered sex offender. This isn't his first time.

Innocent til proven guilty

Are you serious??!! There isn't a "side" to hear from a 15 year old. The 15 year old is just that, not an adult so therefore a crime was committed. Straight or gay doesn't matter, sexual abuse is just that, ABUSE!

Innocent til proven guilty

I agree, it is plain and simple - abuse is abuse.

You need to read this

I knew this person in high school. I was two years younger than he. And I thought he just wanted to be my friend. He use to try funny things with me and played it off to be a joke. I then made a comment to someone about his orientation. And he threatened my life and came to my house to, what he said was to kill me. This monster has spent two times in prison. And has just been let out. He only spent 4 years this second time. He should have got life. I've heard of people getting ten years for small marijuana possession. Watch out for the people whom live near him. He won't stop. I know his history and he's a mad, mean man. And he's on the HUNT. I guarantee it. Be careful. Sphingolipids.

I'd really like to talk to you

I too know this person. When I was 15 he and I had a relationship. He lied to me and told me he was 19. I also remember him being very mean and some what violent. I'd like to know where he is now and if I ever have to worry about seeing him again. Thank you.