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Castle Hayne residents meet again to talk incorporation


NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- About a hundred people packed the standing room only meeting at the Riverside Community building. They all wanted to know about incorporating Castle Hayne. They had plenty of questions. What's in it for them? What are the benefits? Will there be any new taxes? Why do it now? Even people living outside the proposed town limits -- but still close enough to care -- showed up.

The meeting was fairly quiet until a member of Castle Hayne's incorporation committee suggested the City of Wilmington might be willing to hand over some of its land. "Now we could go to the city and ask them to extend past that blue line and we probably will," said committee member Steven Gause. That blue line he mentioned is Wilmington's city limits.

Ask most anybody and they know Wilmington is a land-hungry neighbor with a seemingly insatiable appetite to annex. As for Wilmington giving up land for a new town, what if Castle Hayne's bigger, next door neighbor says no? "That's fine," Gause said, "As I said we don't need their permission to incorporate. We're on our own,"

The proposed incorporation area would encompass nearly 13 square miles of land. Residents would pay a property tax rate of 10 mils for every hundred dollars of home value. That would amount to a hundred bucks for a hundred thousand dollar home. Compare that to Wilmingtons nearly quadruple rate of 37 mils. The committee says the people of Castle Hayne know what's best for Castle Hayne.

There's still a lot more to discuss. The next meeting is set for September 27th.

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Castle Hayne Incorporation

I am against the incorporation - the new annexation law limits the city taking over.. if county/city were to consolidate we would get the chance to vote.. with only 1 running for Mayor - tells me something is wrong already.. we don't need anymore government and rules and regulations.

against inc.

Others should be doing the same

Porter's Neck, Figure Eight, Marsh Oaks, and all the land in-between should be doing the same. Sooner or later, Wilmington will come a-knockin' and you'll be paying insanely high taxes to teach inner city children how to dance, buying horrible junk some one has foisted off as "art," or paying exhorbitant salaries for "developmental committees" that accomplish nothing.

Start early and you can limit the amount of city government you want to essential services only. Wait, and you'll be a part of the fiscal nightmare that is Wilmington.

Just to clarify

We had a great meeting tonight and from the qualified voters attending, had nearly 1/3 of the required signatures to bring this to a referendum on the first night of signing the petition. The story talks about the "blue line" as being Wilmington's City Boundary but the blue line is actually 5 miles away from the Wilmington City boundary. State law requires us to remain more than 5 miles from the Wilmington City boundary OR ask them for permission to go closer to them. We are not attempting to take any areas inside the City of Wilmington. We ask for everyone's support in our effort to decide what is best for our community by incorporating.

Steve, I wish I could have


I wish I could have had the oppurtunity to avoid Wilmington's Annexation! Living near Bradley Creek, they Incorporated us many years ago, and I have watched my Property Taxes skyrocket from $1900 to $4100 in 8 years! That's nearly $400 a month in TAXES! That takes money right out of my family's hands! I am taking the time out right now to tell you and your neighbors, you cannot afford to lose this chance! You have to be vocal, and you can even cite my e-mail! It is a poorly managed city with Democrats taxing and spending just like Washington. The city payroll and pensions are so bloated, they raise taxes to satisfy their needs. As business' fail all over town, and people are losing their jobs, the Mayor boasted, "He didn't have to fire a single Govt worker"! Is that some how a great accomplishment!? Why didn't he have to lay off anybody from one of the 'bloated' government departments? Good luck, and be involved. If you don't, you will regret the "takeover".... Ryan