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The Cat in the Tree - Updated Info !!

We've all heard of the fictional story of The Cat in the Hat. But cat in the tree? That's a true story. Sandy Powell has been worried about a cat that's been stuck up in her neighbor's tree for the past three days. No one in her Bradley Creek neighborhood knows who the cat belongs to. Powell has tried everything she can think of to get the cat down, but with no luck. The cat just continues to hold on for dear life about 70 feet above the ground. “I've posted on Craigslist, Facebook, I called all the tree companies, I called animal control, I called the fire department and they said we're in the city limits and they don't do cat rescues anymore. So this poor cat sits in a tree for the 3rd day in a row… probably hungry, scared, thirsty and I’m worried about it and I don't even know whose cat it is,” Sandy said. The cat has a collar and a tag, so it is not a stray. Powell said everybody in Wilmington is worried about azaleas this weekend, but she's more concerned about the cat in the tree. Update *** - News Channel 3 reporter John Rendleman went back to Sandy Powell's neighborhood on Sunday afternoon, day 4. We'll have an update with video from an attempted rescue. The story will air on Sunday's newscast... at 6pm and 11pm. The full updated story will be online on this website sometime Monday morning.

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help the cat!

that cat could die up there, or, become too weak to climb down. get a pillow case, and some tree climbing gear, and a couple pounce treats and get it down! show some compassion for another living thing.




You know, I really do not like cats at all, never have. BUT I would have done anything possible to help that kitty. It is the right thing to do. I would have let it sit maybe a day to see if it came down on its own but after that I would have done the humane thing and found someone to help me rescue it. I would have gone up a ladder myself it that were the case. As humans we have a responsibility to help animals. How would you like to be stuck in a tree?


It's nice of you to want to rescue a cat stuck in a tree, even if you hate cats, but when you say, how would you like to be stuck in a tree, it's like saying, it's essential that all cats stuck in trees be rescued, and a cat is just as valuable as a human, which it's not.


i woulda done like one poster said, i woulda shot up there amongst 'em to give some relief. LOL !!!

A cat is more valuable than half this county

At least a cat chases mice. Half this county does nothing but sit on their obese backsides and sponge off the taxpayer.

Cat in Tree

There seem to be a lot of hysterical women weeping and wringing their hands over a cat in a tree. The agitated tone of their comments may suggest some mental instability. Please allow cooler, more rational heads to prevail: leave the cat alone and it will come down on its own eventually. Let's not waste taxpayers' money by involving the police and fire department and national security.

Amen to that! I couldn't

Amen to that! I couldn't agree with your post more. I just don't understand why even a tv news station would even broadcast a story like this and waste the airwaves in this day and age, like a local tv channel did this morning in my area.

Cat Rescue

As a Old Jerry Crowler fan... We could get "John" to climb the tree and poke'em with a stick.... OOOOhhh-aaaaaaaa "Knock'em out John"... Yeeeeee-Haaawwww! Just shoot up here among'st us, One of us has got to have some relief! There's a REASON you don't "rescue" cats outta trees... They tend to become "Souped-up Wildcats" when ya "rescue" them....

look in phone book

under "wildlife removal." (Yes, I know the cat is not "wildlife," but there are at least a couple private companies in town who specialize in trapping and removing live animals and are happy to help with a problem with this.)


Leave the cat alone.It will come down.Have you ever scene a cat skeleton in a tree???

DITTO Local 51 (LOL)

DITTO Local 51 (LOL)


"Have you ever scene a cat skeleton in a tree???" SERIOUSLY??!? THAT is your "thought" process? I use the term "thought" loosely here because it seems to me you're not very capable of making a logical thought. Let's try to break it down, shall we? Your logic is that the cat will eventually come down because no one has ever seen (and by the way, moron, it's "SEEN", not's a noun, one's a verb...look it up and learn how to speak and write in coherent English) a cat skeleton in a tree. Pay real close attention now, because I'm about to really try and stretch that brain of yours.... If a human was trapped in an impossible situation, say trapped real high somewhere - let's say, A TREE - and no one tried to help them...that person would begin to waste away through hunger and dehydration. If it goes on long enough, the human will die. Would you see the skeleton in the tree? NO. Once the grasp around the branch is loosened enough, gravity kicks in and the remains fall to the ground. All creatures have a survival instinct. That instinct is so powerful that it can absolutely override hunger pains. Not always, but yes, it most certainly can. That height is a helluva jump. Just like the cat who recently found itself on the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge and wound up committing suicide, this situation has the potential to be real ugly and painful for not only the poor cat but also for pet owners and lovers of animals like myself. Those of you who believe in God like I do know that He gave us control over the animals. It IS our responsibility to look after animals. Allowing animals to suffer is barbaric and disgusting, and it most certainly is NOT why God gave us that power.


I wonder if you are a vegan vegetarian, after so much bleeding heart emotionalism on your part over a friggin cat(s) animals, when there are millions of people in the world who die of starvation, die of disease, die in wars, are victims of crime, lack basic health care, and other basic necessities of life, etc., etc., etc. It looks like you would be more comfortable living with animals than your own kind, with the elitist outlook you have on others.
If you are a meat eater, then you are contributing to the suffering of animals, hypocrite.


Wait, did it climb back up the tree yet? Because it WILL climb back up the tree that it previously felt so safe in. Its a cat, let it be.


you MUST be a card carrying PETA lets get one thing cleared up...HUMANS..and CATS are not equal, their life values are NOT the same. Second, while you feel all gush and sorry for the cat...the cat WOULD have come down...PERIOD.

Right - they're NOT equal!

I never had a cat shoot at me. I never had to fight with a cat while trying to take it into custody. I never saw a cat beat or kill its own offspring. I never saw a cat throw its life away with a catnip addiction. On a personal note, I never had a cat cheat on me or break my heart. I never had a cat fail to return the love and affection I showed it. You're 100% correct. Cats and people are definitely not equal. In this situation, I would have climbed the tree to rescue the cat. Had it been a person, I would have advised them to jump. Cats are a lot more trustworthy and of all-round higher caliber.

Once again we agree

Based on behavior and standards cats probably have a higher "life value" than people. Who exactly gets to decide that anyway though? I'm pretty sure that there isn't some way of judging what life is more valuable than another. Just can't do it...

That's the dumbest thing

That's the dumbest thing I've ever read. You've never "scene" (it's "seen" you idiot, did you pass 3rd grade?) a cat skeleton in a tree, therefore cats don't die from being stranded in trees? Here's some elementary logic for you: When a stranded cat gets weaker and weaker from a lack of food and the heat/cold, they lay down and slowly die; after dying, they tend to fall out of the tree. You don't exactly retain your balance postmortem. For some more in-depth detail, you should know that there's no way a cat would have time to decompose on a tree branch. Squirrels keep their roaming areas very tidy, birds would pick at the dead cat's body, wind would blow it out of the tree, etc., etc. There's no way you would find a "cat skeleton in a tree" given the external elemental factors and the amount of time it would take for the cat to actually decompose that far. Plenty of cats have died from being stranded in trees; others die from finally reaching a point of desperation and jumping, but are too weak to survive the fall. This cat was FIFTY FEET UP IN THE AIR. Too much longer being in the tree and the cat's liver would've started failing (look up hepatic lipidosis genius), and he would've died. Luckily (and not to ruin WWAY's story here), the cat was rescued around 2PM by a local professional tree-climber.

It will come down

It will come down when it gets hungry. Have you ever seen a cat skeleton in a tree? I didn't think so....

Cat in the Tree

As an owner of a cat that I love dearly, I deeply sympathize. Don't give up trying to help the cat. Just keep repeatedly calling animal control, fire department and police about this. Also, let them know you not only have notified WWAY, but will also be notifying other stations, including the national ones-CNN, FOX News and MSNBC. Also alert the newspapers and radio about this. Call the Humane Society, or other such groups. When enough people hear about this matter, they might begin calling the local authorities. Public presure can work wonders. I hope WWAY will continue to do follow-ups to this story and let us all know what happens.

Blast him with a water hose,

Blast him with a water hose, he'll come down.

It doesnt matter how often

It doesnt matter how often you call the police or fire department and threatening to contacting the media won't help either. They are not going to "rescue" a cat from a tree. No police/fire dept in this entire country would respond. Also the agencies in this county are very busy and they can not take resources away from TRUE emergencies. Place a bowl of food and water (or milk) at the base of the tree, and leave it alone. The cat will come down.

I think I can help with the cat

I wish that it was as simple as repeatedly calling the agencies you mentioned. Unfortunately, I work for one of those agencies, and I can assure you that none - mine included - are actually allowed to do what is being suggested for this poor cat. Yes, I feel for the cat. I really do. To the idiots who posted "have you ever seen (not SCENE, you moron) a cat skeleton in a tree?" you are a symptom of what is wrong in this country today. There is no value for life, from the smallest to the grandest. No big deal to kill a few animals for sport, is it? Then no big deal to kill a person, right? So we give that murderer a few years in jail. When the mass murdering father kills his kids and then himself, we simply say awww, too bad. Trust me, folks....lack of respect for life begins somewhere, and escalates. Those who say "It's just a cat" have already started down that path where the ultimate result is life in any form has no value. You're right that public pressure can be extremely effective. Unfortunately, it also usually takes quite a long time. To a small domesticated animal that is subjected to the elements and denied food and water, time is NOT a friend. Time is quite simply not something this cat has a lot of right now. Now...what I CAN tell you is that my agency has helped in the past with similar situations...only it never went on the record. I can't give specifics for obvious reasons, but if you bear with me and read closely, you'll walk away from this post knowing what to do and who to call. First, DO NOT call the "main" number. What do I mean by that? Think of it this way: Let's say there's a group of people whose help you want, only they don't come out unless someone from some other location calls them and lets them know that someone needs them. That centralized agency is great for gathering information, but it's bad for keeping all sorts of records. The people you want to come help you can, but the people who tell them where to go can't authorize it. So...don't call the "main number" for the centralized agency that alerts the agency you REALLY want to come help you in this instance. CALL THE ONES YOU WANT DIRECT. Make sure you call the right one...there's NUMEROUS groups in the CITY (hint) and in the COUNTY (hint) and their individual numbers aren't always easy to find in the phone book. Suggestion: Google a search for the overall CITY (hint) or COUNTY (hint) and you will find the individual "companies" and their locations and phone numbers. DO NOT call during what would normally be considered "sleeping" hours. Call during normal business hours. They're all manned. Explain to them what has happened and ask if they can help. They will most likely tell you they need to speak with a higher-up, a "chief", if you will, and then call you back. They can then go out into their "district" and help this animal, and it never needs to get noted on the books. I can also tell you that if you live in the COUNTY (hint) you will probably stand a better chance of getting citizen assistance of this sort, but don't give up if you live in the CITY. After all, those of us that do this job do it because we have hearts, and we value life - in all forms. We may not necessarily want the insurance companies to know that we used certain gear and equipment to rescue a kitty, and it's certainly not something we want to broadcast over, say, the RADIO (hint), but we can - and more importantly, HAVE - done it before. Oh, and to the other idiot who wrote that when the cat gets hungry enough it will come down out of the tree....SERIOUSLY??!? Cat's been there for over three days....I GUARANTEE YOU THAT THE ANIMAL IS HUNGRY. He's also terrified. Just like you, the animal has a survival instinct that outweighs the hunger pain. Eventually, the cat will weaken enough from hunger and dehydration. THAT is unacceptable, folks! The Old Testament tells us that God gave us dominion over all the animals of this earth. With that power comes responsibility. God also told us in those same scriptures that we are not to let any beast suffer needlessly. I wish you lived in my district. I'd be there in 10 minutes to help get the animal down. Please take what I've given you here and use it...look up the right number, and CALL.

As a firefighter and a cat

As a firefighter and a cat lover, I have mixed feelings about this. I would love to help a stranded cat, but there is a reason firefighters don't rescue cats anymore. It is dangerous. Even though it may look easy and routine for us to climb a ladder, everything a firefighter does involves risk. I couldn't see a chief allowing use of a ladder truck and a crew for this. Yes, we risk our lives for the people in our community, but we have to put safety first. Trust me, the cat will come down. Also, isn't there a billboard on Carolina Beach Rd for a tree company that says "Kitty cats rescued?"

You have got to be kidding me

You can't be serious?? Keep calling animal control, fire department and police about a cat in the tree??? Brilliant idea!! Tie up the 911 centers EMERGENCY and non emergency lines for a cat stuck in a tree. Send the fire department out with their big trucks that suck up a lot of gas for a cat in a tree, way to waste city resources. And really, call the police? What do you want them to do shoot it out of the tree? Put a can of tuna out it will come down when it gets hungry. It got up there, it CAN come back down. Just leave it alone.

So you want to take a

So you want to take a firetruck and the firemen that work on that truck out of service so they can get a cat out of the tree?????? Yeah so that the house that is on fire can burn down because these FIREmen were up a tree? i dont think so. I agree with everyone else just let it be. you below it calling after it is why it will not come down, its scared of YOU. Stop and it will come down. Yeah and lets see how much air time this will get from CNN, FOX news, MSNBC. If they get any it is only a sign of how sad it has got in the news business.

Not a lot of bright people in Wilmington, I see.

The cat had been up in the tree for four days. Food WAS put out. If the cat could've gotten down, it would have -- you think it wasn't "hungry" after four days with no food, you imbeciles?