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Caudill guilty of murder


BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) -- It took a jury about an hour and a half to find a Brunswick County man guilty in the murder of an Oak Island restaurant owner. The judge sentenced Joshua Caudill to life in prison without parole for the first-degree murder of Phillip Cook in 2007.

Before sentencing Caudill told the Cook family saying he was truly sorry and took full responsibility.

Caudill's co-defendant James Martin was found guilty of murder more than a year ago. He also received a life sentence.

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I was in prison with joshua

I was in prison with joshua and he was a really good friend and a very kindhearted person. We talked about what happend on several occasions and he was very sad and sorry for what happend. So you guys can say whatever negative crap that you want to about this young maman but I know the real joshua caudill and he is not who you think he is. I have been on drugs real bad in my lifetime and I know the tll that it takes on people. And if josuas family is readinv this I give my deepest regrets to you. I have nevelost a son but I can imagine how it feels. So for all you people out there running your mouths about stuff that you have no idea what your talking about, u need to realize that his family lost him also. And if anyone has a problem with these words my # is 7047625517. Love ya josh and miss ya

Joshua is a great guy! He

Joshua is a great guy! He has a wonderful heart! He doesn't deserve life, it was a mistake, we all make them. That could be easily be your sons/daughters, and yes the girlfriend SET IT ALL UP!! Look him up on the computer and write him!! He has paid enough already!

Great guy huh?

He beat a man to death in cold blood. Oh, he didn't mean to? Josh robbed and beat him over the head then left him for dead. He didnt call an ambulance. He didnt drive by his house the next day to check on him. If someone did that to your father, how would you feel about someone posted what a great guy the murder is? You make me sice.

Joshua Caudill

As I came upon the post and article regarding the horrible murder of Mr. Thomas P. Heller, a man I worked for and admired and loved for many years as a resident of Oak Island, I was drawn back once more to look back over the trial of Joshua Caudill, for the murder of the Oak Island Restaurant owner....Wow. The history behind these two totally separate crimes is truly unbelievable. Yes I stand behind my previous words that Joshua Caudill, who was sentenced to DEATH WITHOUT THE POSSIBILITY OF PAROLE....I can't help but ask myself. Is it because Josh's father was not an attorney, he is a hard working local businessman with a fine christian family who's mother was the secretary for Tom Heller for over 20 years.....hum, and his mother and father were not asked to speak to any district attorney, etc. to give them the opportunity to as your article reads "change the death sentence" penalty. Unbelievable...truly. John Heller shot his own father in cold blood left a note in his father's blood at the scene of the crime and what?
25 years is nothing....I am 49 years old......less than 25 years ago I was living on Oak it was yesterday. Unbelievable...
Then we come to Joshua Caudill, who was not alone when the murder of the restaurant owner was hit in the head with a blunt object, he was with the snitch, who copped a plea, who'd been in the system and knew how to work it, Josh had no previous charges, nor did HE KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE RESTAURANT OWNER, THE SNITCHES GIRLFRIEND AND HER LITTLE GIRLFRIEND WERE WAITRESSES AT THE RESTAURANT AND KNEW WHEN THE MONEY AND WHERE THE MONEY WOULD BE.....JESUS CHRIST PEOPLE.....THOSE TWO LITTLE GIRLS ARE FIRST OF ALL WHO SHOULD BE SENTENCE TO LIFE....AND THE SNITCH JOSH ALLOWED TO "SLEEP ON HIS COUCH AND HELPED OUT OF THE KINDNESS OF HIS HEART....." as I say *ucked him....big.

Joshua Caudill

My heart is with Joshua and his beautiful family. Joshua was like another son to me and I know that if he had not gotten mixed up with the wrong people this never would have happened to him. The two girl accomplisses deserve life as well.

I knew him and he was a good

I knew him and he was a good guy the drugs got the best of him and it was a tragic accident and he will be missed dearly... praying for both families!! Love u josh and praying for u!!