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Celebration takes a look back on the accomplishments of Sheriff Sid Causey

READ MORE: Celebration takes a look back on the accomplishments of Sheriff Sid Causey
The turnout at Sheriff Sid Causey's retirement ceremony Monday night showed just how many lives Causey has touched throughout his career. "When you're in law enforcement, you get recognized a lot, but it's not always positive, so to see good friends and supporters, it just really makes you feel good," said the New Hanover County sheriff. The event was a celebration of Causey, from his early days as a Carolina Beach lifeguard to working for the county Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, to becoming the top law enforcement officer in the county - overseeing more than 400 employees. "I feel a sense of some accomplishment, and just knowing that I do have a good staff, and a good man coming in to replace me, so I'm comfortable with that," Causey said. Chief Deputy Ed McMahon will take over. Among those who recognized the sheriff: the FBI, Secret Service, Wilmington Police Department, and the offices of Governor Perdue and Congressman Mike McIntyre. Former Wilimington mayor, David Jones said, "I saw him come up in the ranks in the department - one of the best drug enforcement officers we've ever had." Causey and his wife India are staying local, in the county on which the sheriff has without a doubt, left his mark. "He's a classy individual, he's made us a great sheriff and he's highly respected not only here, but all law enforcement across the country," added Jones. One way the sheriff will enjoy retirement: he said he and his wife plan to take a cross county road trip with some friends.

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Sheriff Causey

"He's a classy individual, he's made us a great sheriff and he's highly respected not only here, but all law enforcement across the country," Classy in what way? What is it in his character that makes this man "classy?" What makes him a "great sheriff?" What others across the US "highly" respect him Mr. Pawnshop Jones? The way I see it New Hanover County has more overdose deaths than anywhere else in the State. More inmate deaths, the most expensive sheriff's department, the biggest law suit settlements, the most number of deputies making over $50,000 per year, the highest cost per inmate, and the highest number of unaccounted for sex offenders.

We will miss Sheriff Causey.

The few that dislike Sheriff Causey come nowhere near the masses that appreciate his hard work and dedication. He ran unoppossed his last election. Everyone knows he has done a good job in a tuff field. Thank you Sherif Causey. I know you as a boss and a friend. Enjoy your retirement years. Thank you for leaving the County in great hands with Sheriff McMahon. He is a man with great morality. He will lead the Dept for years to come. He crosses party lines and has much Republican support/friends. God Bless you Sheriff Causey.

re: Sid Causey

Highest number of officers making over $50,000..ARE YOU SERIOUS??? I don't know where you get your numbers from... but YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING!! Law Enforcement doesn't make tons of money. They barely make enough to support their family. Deputies certainly don't make the same as State Troopers..not even close. Teachers and local law enforcement are the most underpaid workers in North Carolina for the kind of work they have to do. They have also had to take the largest cuts in hours and pay. They are also having their medical benefits cost to double this upcoming year. You obviously don't have a clue as to what you're talking about.

Poor teachers

You must be one, always whining about how little money you make. A word of advice,,,change professions. Be happy you have a job. Does anyone think that we will ever make enough money? Probably not.

Well said!

Well said!

sheriff pay

You are right, law enforcement officers do not typically get paid more than $50,000, however, as a matter of public record it is a fact that 28% of the sheriff's department make over $50,000 per year. That compares to 17% state wide. Heck they have two chief deputies making over 100k right now. Two Chief Deputies! Where else can you find that? What county has two? What county pays a helicopter pilot $70,000 a year for less than 60 hours of work a month? Don't believe me? Call the county human resources office and ask to see the records, it's all pubic information, you're entitled to it. While you're at it ask how many deputies were promoted last week, ask how much their pay increased and how that applies to their retirement. The man ran a scam on the taxpayers, using our money to buy loyalty. Seriously, look it up!


One think you might want to check is how long the Deputy has been with the department. You do not have a large turn over rate at NHSD.. This would count for the high pay. Look at the experience you have with these long term employees..

law enforcement in new hanover co need a raise.

I would hope a Sgt with the Sheriffs Dept that had ove 15 years of experience would be getting paid $50,000 yearly. Thats a joke considering what other law enforcement officers who work in similiar enviorments get paid. 28 percent of a dept that makes over $50,000 is peanuts. So the other 72% make less than $50,000 a year. Years of experience should be rewarded. Give the men and women of law enforcement a raise and soon!

The Sheriffs dept is paid

The Sheriffs dept is paid lower then the Wilmington police dept in similiar positions. Look what capts,lt's, sgt's make with WPD. Compalin about the Sheriffs dept, but they need to keep up with agencies in their own county. Wilmington PD gets PAID. They have had raises that have made them higher paid. They take care of their people.