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Center makes it convenient to visit inmates

READ MORE: Center makes it convenient to visit inmates
Matthew Chapter 25 Verse 36 says, "I was in prison and you came to me.” By offering free housing, the Matthew 25 Center in Burgaw makes it easier for inmates' loved ones to do just that. “We're trying to help that family survive the crisis of their family member being incarcerated,” said Jimmy Joseph. Thanks to grant money and donations from groups and individuals, the Burgaw facility has provided families from all over the country, with a place to stay and small meals right down the road from Pender County Correctional Facility. “This place is so quiet and peaceful in comparison to motels. So you just go ‘oh thank you, Jesus’,” said Marcia Freeman. Paying for a motel and meals could be the difference between getting to see family and being alone, and when inmates get visitors, it helps the family. “Particularly the children if they maintain that relationship. Families that visit stay together at a much higher rate,” Freeman said. Last year, a new prison opened in Columbus County. Now community members are trying to spread the program’s success. “They were providing a place for inmates of families to visit and it was having a positive effect, we had to have a place like that in Tabor City,” said Burnett Coleman. “You can tell a big difference when the inmate does get a visit, they've got a better attitude,” said Kirby Sanderson of the Tabor City Correctional Institution. The Tabor City group has to raise $1.2 million to build the facility, but Joseph hopes that's only the beginning. “It's our dream that there would be units like this all across the state of North Carolina, all across the United States.” The Tabor City group had a two-acre plot donated and raised $10,000 for the center's future location. Tabor Correctional Institution is about three times larger than Pender Correctional, which means the program could help more families visit their loved ones. To help contribute to the success of the Matthew 25 Center, you can contact them at 910-840-5226 or vial e-mail at Donations can be sent directly to The Matthew 25 Center at Tabor City, PO Box 313, Tabor City, NC 28463.

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God Bless The Matthew 25 Center!

I cannot believe the callousness of those commenting on this story! What the people at The Matthew 25 Center are doing is AWESOME! Clearly none of you have ANY idea what it is like to have your family torn apart by incarceration! This is not just about the victim or the perpetrator - when an individual lands in the prison system so does the entire family. This is about generations being affected, both good and bad, by the choices of one person in a fleeting moment. Are you so far above making mistakes that you can rant on about how unjust it is to treat someone decent through an extended act of kindness? "Deal with it!" That's your advice for families?! Deal with this - the more citizens that get on your bandwagon to lock them up and throw away the key, the more crime will consume this country! People need certain basics in life - family reinforcement on both sides can make the difference not only for that inmate doing time but for those who were left behind. Without the maintenance of that family connection the inmate looses the ability to relate to people and the world at large. As for me, I think this idea is so right on that I'm looking at the possibility of spearheading one myself in my local community!

Survive the Crisis!!!...PLEASE!!

"Survive the crisis of being incarcerated? Oh my goodness are you kidding me? They are criminals, they need to be punished not have there butts polished. It is no wonder there is so much crime in the US. Hell, if I were homeless or destitute I might commit a crime just to go to "HAPPY" prison. Please people, they are criminals and they need to be punished, not made happy and comfy and cozy...where is the deterrent for future crimes, if you pat their butts and make them feel at home? And as far as the families....they would just have to deal with it!! Come on...stop patronizing criminals...I bet you wouldn't patronize them if it were you or your loved one who was raped and murdered?...NO?

Wouldn't that be awful

Oh yes - I'm so glad that visiting makes the prisoners happier. Anything to make their stay a little nicer. Meanwhile there are families who will NEVER get to see their loved one again. Just doesn't seem right.

And just like most churches

And just like most churches, they will get public funding to do the lord's bidness and pocket the rest.

Churches don't get gov't

Churches don't get gov't funding nor can they be taxed. Separation of church and state remember?

Which church do you attend

Can't say about your church but our church does not get public funding

family center for inmate visits

Where's the story? Where is the story? You telegraphed from one story to another with no explanation. This is not even journalism. You barely talked about purpose, gave no examples, and suddenly started talking about another place similar before finishing the discussion of the first place. Who pretended to write this?