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CFCC bond referendum

On November 4th, New Hanover County residents will have the chance to vote on a $164 million bond referendum. The bond would be used to build three new buildings at Cape Fear Community College. If voters approve the bond, it would ultimately add five cents to every $100 of county property taxes. The timing of the proposed tax increase has some New Hanover County residents concerned. “I believe that it's a good thing to support education, but on the other hand with the increase of five cents for every $100, that's a lot of money and until the economy turns around - that's just not a good idea,” said Anthony Bennett, a New Hanover County resident. If the bond is passed, the new buildings will be dedicated to training in health, technology and general studies.

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Please Vote NO

NO! NO! NO! NO! What happened to the police building CFCC swapped with the city? there are a lot of space in there they can use, stop asking for more money & space before they know how much space they currently have and use it efficiently.

Read this if you want the facts about the CFCC Bond

Here are the real facts about this issue that have not been accurately reported in previous posts: CFCC and Downtown: CFCC already owns all the property it needs to expand. No new property will be needed for the bond. Downtown vs. the North Campus: The college is building at both campuses because each location has different offerings. Health care programs are downtown. The expansion of health care needs be downtown. Most of CFCC's technical programs are out at the North Campus. That's why the industry training center will be located out there. Keeping them separate keeps overall costs down. If you want to move what's downtown out to the North Campus, you'll need a MUCH bigger bond and also deal with all the downtown businesses that will close because they'll lose a lot of their customers. (One note about the North Campus: The North Campus doesn't have as much space as you might think. Much of the land is wetlands and large power lines run through the middle of the campus - that means you can't build anything underneath them except for parking lots. Building codes also are a factor. In the northern part of the county, the tallest building you can build is three stories. In downtown, you can build higher.) The bottom line is that the college needs to develop both campuses to keep up with the needs of our area. The old WPD Building: Next year, CFCC will have to move several programs out of three buildings in the far northern part of downtown. That's why the police station is being renovated. It will be used to house the classes and programs housed in those buildings. Tuition: CFCC can't build buildings with tuition because it does not get to keep any of the tuition it collects. It all goes back to the state. (Note: NC universities get to keep their tuition. The universities also don't have to ask for bonds to pay for their facilties. They can get all the buildings they want from state lawmakers. Not so for our community colleges...that's another story altogether...) By the way, Vote yes for CFCC! It's the best deal we've got.

So fix the tuition problem

Since the state keeps the tuition, raise the tuition and get the state to pay for the new buildings. You're asking the taxpayers to cough up more money because of bookkeeping shenanigans in Raleigh. FIX THE PROBLEM! Best deal? Sure! Best deal for CFCC and the students who will have other people pay for their education. It's a rotten deal for taxpayers! Stop expecting us to pick up the tab for services that do not directly benefit the majority. Start making those who benefit, pay for what they're receiving.


I voted yes for the CFCC Bond,Yes! Yes! Yes! It is the only choice. If we want to hold the property taxes down by bringing in new and expanding industries with high paying jobs raising the tax base-- It pays for itself. Where are your children and Grandchildren going to college and gain workforce training? CFCC is turning away thousands now and UNC-W contines to raise their entrance standards excluding many local people. CFCC has open door policy but if the classes are full- You can't get in! What do you do? Find or Stay in a job making much less money with no place to move up.

Raise tuition

We can still have that vibrant growing economy by making those who play, pay! Why do they get a pass while sticking it to the taxpayers? Everyone needs to ask themselves how these bonds will benefit them. If you're young, college-educated, and childless, why should you vote to raise your taxes? You may still be paying off your own college debt. Better to save and invest your money so that one day, if you decide to have children, tuition won't be a problem. If you're retired, your children are probably out on their own, likely don't live here, and have already established their own life without being financially dependent on you. If you want to help them, don't cut their inheritance by paying more in taxes when you don't have to. The simple fact is that there is no guarantee to a college education. Their open-door policy is the source of the overcrowding. If they're turning away applicants, it's a monster of their own creation! Perhaps they need to be more selective in who they let in....AND raise the tuition for those attending. Sooner or later we are going to wake up to the idea that the tax revenues are not a bottomless well of money to fund open door policies, youth soccer, WAVE, and all these other pet projects that benefit niche populations. Want to go to college and don't have rich parents? Take out a loan...or win a scholarship like one of my kids and her father did. If you are so inept that you can't get a loan, a grant, or win that scholarship, there shouldn't be a seat reserved for you at the local community college. The world needs ditch-diggers and burger-flippers, too.


so many are opposed, send that message through the polls on November 4. That's why it is on the ballot.

CFCC Bond sell, the downtown buildings

Since downtown is worth such prime real estate, why don't they sell all of the buildings downtown and they would have plenty of money to build the new building at the North Campus without raising the property tax.


I have nothing bad to say about the school as I have taken many very good classes there and I would like to see it grow. However with the money problems that we are all having now the timming wrong. Sorry CFCC TEW


I have lived in New Hanover County all my life, and I am also a studen at CFCC. CFCC is a great school, with great facilty and for the most part great students. I will be voting no for the bond. Not only is the timing wrong on this, there are also some principalites that voters should be aware of. Most of the students at CFCC are not from the Wilmington area. Most of them do not own property in New Hanover County. CFCC is crowded and in no way hurting for students. In my opinion it is ridiculous for the taxpayers of this county to pick up a huge bill that benefits mostly people from elsewhere. I think that it was a poor decision for the County Commissioners to allow this to be put on the ballot. If they want this issue to be voted on then they should have voted to issue a special ballot that would be mailed to the counties tax payers with their annual real property tax bill.

Note to the previous poster

Note to the previous poster - CFCC doesn't get to keep a dime of any money collected through tuition. It all goes back to the state treasury. The state also sets what the tuition is for all community colleges. CFCC is the best thing going for our economy and is severely underappreciated. The college does a great job in training our workforce. People need to really think of the consequences before they vote no. New Hanover County hasn't passed a bond for CFCC since 1997. Waiting will only increase the college's crowding problem and will hurt people when they need the college most. If we don't support it now, what do you think will happen? Buildings don't get cheaper! Passing this bond now is the right choice.

Then let the state raise tuition

If you want to attend college, you should plan on paying for it. You shouldn't expect a free ride on the back of the taxpayers. How about a bond referendum to improve the golf course so that they don't have to raise greens fee? I mean, if we put a little thought into it we could sell bonds so that no one has to pay for anything except a ridiculously high tax bill. Make the students pay more for the education they are receiving. THEY are the ones benefitting from it.


People can say what they want about this referendum, but I am a CFCC student and think that it would be a great accomendation to to our Community College here in Wilmington. And also, it will bring great pride to us as students and future students who don't want to go to a 4 year college so we will be able to obtain more knowledge that we would at these colleges. Who knows, with this expansion, this could bring more professionals to the fields in which we eed, (i.e. Doctors, Dentists, Police Officers, Fire Fighters, etc.) People wanted to complain about gas prices, but still bought SUVs so why not help students obtain a better education. Think about it, would people complain if UNCW wanted to expand/ I think not!!!

Just say no

If CFCC needs money, let them raise tuitions. Taxes are high enough now without dumping more on the taxpayers.


ANSWER IS NO! NO! NO! NO! In addition, after the way the students reacted to a Presidential candidate attending the school that my tax dollars pay for....THAT in itself sealed my NO VOTE!

It wasn't just the students

It wasn't just the students with a negative reaction following the Mcain speech, there were some older liberal kooks there too. And god forbid we actually spend some tax dollars on education.