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CFCC makes room for record enrollment

READ MORE: CFCC makes room for record enrollment

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Get ready for more traffic in Downtown Wilmington. Cape Fear Community College has enrolled more new students than ever before. Today is the first day of the fall semester for more than 9,100 students at CFCC. That's a 10 percent jump over last year.

Some students, like Brandon Evans, are turning to community college because it's cheaper than a four-year university.

"I came to Cape Fear because universities are kind of expensive, and so far today I've had two classes and the teachers are pretty cool. I like it," Evans said. "The only bad thing is the traffic."

Cape Fear had so many students sign up for this semester, it ran out of classroom space. So the school had to open up an old office building to accommodate all the students. The problem is, the students are having trouble finding where the new building is.

"I woke up at 6:30, and I've been walking around for about three hours trying to look for my classes," student Abdul Faal said. And it doesn't help when the building you're looking for isn't on the school map.

"We were going like 30 minutes for parking, and it was just like going around in circles trying to find a parking spot, and then when I got here I didn't even know they added a new Q Building, so I just got here and I think I missed class completely, so first day. Know where it's at now, though," student Paul Renckens said.

The building at 254 North Front Street, a few blocks away from the heart of campus, used to be Town and Country Real Estate. Now it's a place for students to learn about social and behavioral sciences, criminal justice and humanities and fine arts.

"It's nice. I like it, but it's still too far away from the rest of my other classes, but it's still good," Faal said.

Seven classrooms in the Q Building help make room for the record 9,105 students now at Cape Fear. That's about 150 more than last year.

"It was a good opportunity to be able to take advantage of all the people who want to go to school," CFCC spokesman David Hardin said. "We don't want to turn anyone away, so we're trying to accommodate them the best we can."

CFCC plans to lease this building for the next three years. It is also offering more classes online this year to help accommodate the additional students.

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Enrollment up, same as last 5 years

Sure the numbers are higher, which equals more money coming in and is a great thing for the institution, but it's a real shame that no funds were allocated to help any of the non-faculty members of CFCC keep up with the ever increasing living costs. For the second year in a row, and likely to happen again next year, wage increases for anyone at the school who doesn't happen to be a teacher were frozen. While instructors and professors are slated to get around another 2.5% pay hike this year, all the folks who clean and maintain the classrooms, offices and labs are left with wages that have not increased in years, while insurance costs have skyrocketed, along with other day to day expenses. Top that with last year's forced unpaid week's leave to cut expenses and you're left with many people being forced to find part time work elsewhere just to make ends meet. There's much more to making a quality educational environment than simply having a teacher, and it's a shame that the politicians in Raleigh have decided to put all their eggs in the faculty's basket. They're causing a rift in the teamwork that's necessary for an organization like CFCC to operate efficiently.


Well, unfortunatly, applying the law of supply and demand, there are going to be more people available to do the sweeping up jobs, rather than the teaching jobs. Basically, if you don't want to sweep at that price, they will replace you, as opposed to the teaching jobs which are going to be tougher to fill, therefore they get the raise...

Who do you think gets the shaft?
May not be fair, but it's true.

Maybe go on strike, but at the risk of losing your job??

Sucks either way but better than being out of work altogether.

Keep the faith and hope things improve!