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CFCC safety training center not properly built

Remember the brand new safety training facility Cape Fear Community College unveiled last fall? Well, the ten million dollar training center for New Hanover County fire fighters and first responders has not actually been used. That is because it was not built properly. The contractor did not use waterproof concrete block for the walls like he was supposed to, which is a big problem since firefighters douse the walls with water during training. A CFCC spokesperson said the contractor has agreed to replace the concrete blocks at no cost to the college, but it could be up to a year before that is finished, and the facility can be used for training.

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Saftey training

This is to funny, a building to teach saftey in is not safe? What the hell????? Maybe this was a teaching tool, when the building starts to fall...catch it! Come on people!


I'll bet if you look, the water-proof bricks are more expensive than the regular bricks, and the contracter used the regular bricks and billed CFCC for the water-proof bricks, and pocketed the difference, probably a couple hundred thousand dollars. Someone should investigate him for building fraud


Remember the locals paid for this out of OUR Taxes!!

Someone NOT Paying Attention

While this is a sad situation, it is proof that someone from the State Construction Division was not paying close attention to details when the building was being built. Contractor should have his bidding privileges pulled for a long time for shortchanging such an important and long awaited building.




For sure.

almost as good

That is almost as good as building a pool that doesn't hold water. Isn't this something the building inspectors should have noticed?


No this is not something the inspectors could have picked up on as all bricks look the same. The difference is a special coating. This falls fully on the GC for not doing their job.

visible difference?

But isn't there a visible difference between a coated and non-coated block?


They didn't notice this til AFTER it was completed? I'd love to know who the contractor was who finished this fiasco. Ten million dollars?