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CFCC seeking money for expansion

READ MORE: CFCC seeking money for expansion
Cape Fear Community College says they need to expand, but tax payers could end up underwriting a hefty bill for that growth. This morning, New Hanover County commissioners agreed to put a referendum on the November ballot, that, if passed, would give CFCC $149 million in bond money. Last year, Cape Fear Community College turned away nearly 1,000 perspective students. Now the college wants to be able to expand and accommodate our growing area, by adding three new buildings to its Wilmington campus. The request comes at a time when Cape Fear Community College is struggling to accommodate all of its students. Representatives from the college say with the economy the way it is now, many New Hanover County families want local and affordable access to higher education. The county commission approved the request to be on the election ballot in November. If citizens vote yes, that would mean a five cent property tax increase for the county. Commissioner Bill Kopp wanted to increase the sales tax instead, saying property tax payers have experienced enough increases already. "The community college is doing a great job in our county, and they need the space. It was just my opinion, with the economy the way it is now, that I felt a tax increase, although it would not be five cents the first second or third year, but the time when we sell the bonds, it will be five cents," said Kopp. If this passes in November, it will bring the county very close to being maxed out of funds. The loan will pay down each year, but in the case of an emergency, the county will have to find funds elsewhere. The new buildings would serve the need for three departments within the college -- Life Sciences, Advances and Emerging Technologies, and a General Studies building with labs, and additional classrooms.

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When in the world is the NC

When in the world is the NC Educational Lottery going to kick in with issues such as these? Seems we have all forgotten about the Lottery forking over $$$ for education expenses in North Carolina. Am I missing something, or are the tax payers missing this, the obligation from the Lottery system come "tax increase time" for education???? Check this news tid bit out all you reporters and ask that question to the proper authorities. I want to read their!

More Taxes???

For fifty years Cape Fear CC has been an indispensable part of the community, and a valuable anchor for the renovation of the north side of Downtown, now the new entrance to our city. Commissioner Kopp is right, homeowners have had enough tax increases---stop punishing homeowners! I applaud the Commissioners for proposing a referendum for the voters to decide. Yes, we want to have a "say so" in important matters, especially one that impact OUR own personal operating expenses. I also agree that CFCC should look to student admissions, donations, etc. for the money at this time. Area taxpayers are still reeling from recent increases, the future economy is questionable, and our city/county debt is soon to hit the wall.

Yaaaay! Higher taxes!

Instead of sticking it to the taxpayer YET AGAIN, why not raise tuition in the Community College system to pay for the expansion? Why does it have to be funded through sales tax OR bonds paid by taxpayers? I sincerely believe that everyone who moved to this area needs to remember why they came here. One of the big selling points was low taxes, but every time we vote for the latest bond referendum, we destroy one of the reasons why we moved here. So if you miss the taxes you paid in New York or New Jersey, then by all means vote yes, lie back and enjoy it. If however, you believe that you can spend your money wiser than the County Commissioners can spend your money, then vote "NO." They are never going to stop taking YOUR money until YOU tell them NO in the voting booth!

So when's my free class

If my tax dollars are paying for this...then when are our free classes?