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CFCC students using vegetable oil as fuel

Using alternative fuel sources can be a good way to save the environment and money. Cape Fear Community College student Jonathan Davison is learning that first-hand. He and his friend Joe Hernandez are the first CFCC students to power a truck using vegetable oil. Their instructor Thomas Butler encouraged them to take on the project. The vegetable oil is in a tank on the back of Davison's truck. He does use some diesel until the oil heats up, and then a gage lets him know when it's OK to flip a switch to start using the vegetable oil. "Once it started running right, just the feeling of not losing any power and the satisfaction of knowing it's an alternative fuel and it's better for the environment, was really exciting," said Davison. Davison recycles vegetable oil that has been used by local restaurants.

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are cute. But let's remember there are some parents out there who still do not understand they can't leave their children in a hot car.

Our Fuel Was...

Gee, my kin made great fuel years ago from corn. Just think, if you get tired of drivin' just empty the tank and everyone is happy. It's not rocket science and it burns a purty blue flame. It's been 'round for years.

Will the state try to tax it too?

If I'm not mistaken, I read a story about a person using alternative fuel and was taxed by the state for not paying fuel taxes. At about 50 cents a gallon in federal and state taxes, why are our bridges and roads in the shape they are in and where is all that money going?


Unfortunately for them, but actually fair for all, they do indeed have to pay taxes. And they could have to pay hefty fines, or worse if they try to avoid it. It's a good thing we pay all that money, to keep our infrastructure in such good shape, and as efficient as it is. I really wish we had an efficien form of governing our needs.