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CFCC welcomes students as a smoke free campus

READ MORE: CFCC welcomes students as a smoke free campus
Downtown Wilmington is a little more crowded than it has been recently as students have returned for the fall to Cape Fear Community College. The difference this semester - a new ban on smoking on campus. This means no smoking on school grounds, indoors or out. But, like any law, there are some loopholes. The new smoking ban at Cape Fear Community College does apply to all of the campus, but not to the city sidewalks where it is still fair game for smoking. Step onto the campus’ red bricks though, and that is where you are not allowed anymore to smoke. “I think it's kind of stupid being that you can't smoke on campus, but if you go right across the street you can,” said CFCC student Joseph Hunter. “I mean it's really not effective. I think if its going to be smoke free, the whole downtown should be smoke free.” College officials are pleased with the policy so far. “It's been very positive. There was a person this morning that maybe didn't see the sign or something and I said hey, just to let you know we're smoke free and he said ok and moved aside to the sidewalk,” mentioned CFCC Public Information Officer David Hardin. “People have been very accommodating so far, and that's good to see.” Pamela Rivenbark said this new plan is a breath of fresh air. “I love it. I love it because for a person that has asthma or allergies like me, it's going to help me out. I can breathe better!” Eighteen of the fifty-eight community colleges in North Carolina are now smoke free. CFCC is using grant money to provide nicotine patches and gum, hoping to help students kick the habit.

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CFCC smoke free

I'm glad they've gone smoke free. Makes it much better to walk into a building without walking through a cloud of smoke-I can breathe. Now let's teach smokers that they need to toss their butts in the appropriate containers & quit tossing them out their car windows, on the beach or the ground. These butts are everywhere and I watch people everyday toss butts out their car windows. Please everyone learn to clean up after yourself. It's getting really nasty out here.

Just wait

Just wait 'til the smoking ban in the bars goes into effect and all the patrons in the bars downtown have to hang out in the street to smoke. You think there are tons of cigarette butts on the street now...

I remember

I remember when their was an ashtray in the stairwell and you could smoke in the building.. How times do change....For the better...