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CFPUA sheds jobs to trim budget


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The Cape Fear Public Utility Authority is cutting jobs to help trim its budget. The CFPUA laid off three people, including a project manager, an engineer and a strategic planner. It has completely eliminated 13 positions and frozen another four other positions.

The cuts will help bring the CFPUA budget down to $64 million. That's a decrease of $6 million from last year.

Despite the cuts, CFPUA General Manager Matt Jordan received an $18,000 bonus just a few months ago.

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To Trim the budget the

To Trim the budget the "Workers" had to be laid off or fired! how about triming the bonus the "Heads" got or triming the salary the "heads" got I wish someone would give me an 18,000 bonus for screwing up at my job! i work 80 hr weeks get paid twice a month and both of my checks don't equal 18,000 yet i'm the one paying for that bonus. And just remember as Bill Saffo said, "if you don't like it move."

cfpua cuts

despite the fact that king jordan has a contract, he should volunteer to forgo any future bonuses and pay raises. the same should go for any of the other managers at the top. the three top execs with the company make well over six figures, but then again, they wouldn't want to put themselves out of a job.

FYI: Mr. Jordan declined the

FYI: Mr. Jordan declined the last bonus that he was entitled to.


Matt Jordan should be ashamed of himself for accepting that $18,000 bonus. Even more so, CFPUA shouldn't have given it. That is a years salary for someone who is now unemployed! Disgraceful! In this terrible economy and job market a bonus shouldn't be given out if cut backs on staff have to be made. I am sure one of those people who lost their job would love to have that $18,000. Doesn't anyone in business feel a moral obligation to society anymore?