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Chadbourn woman flags down officer, admits to murder

READ MORE: Chadbourn woman flags down officer, admits to murder

CHADBOURN, NC (WWAY) -- Chadbourn Police are scratching their heads today after a woman flagged down an officer early Sunday morning and admitted to killing her boyfriend. What she asked for next has police stumped.

"I just think it's horrible. I mean everything's always been so quiet around here and it's just horrible," said Amy Enzor. She works around the corner from the house where police say 38-year-old Mattie Lee Bradford murdered 60-year-old Edward Jerome Jackson. Police say Bradford flagged down an officer Sunday around 4 a.m. and admitted to killing Jackson with a hatchet on Friday. Enzor says she'd seen the couple earlier Friday and was shocked to hear about the murder.

"They didn't seem like they were having any problems, and they just took their helmets off and they were getting off (their moped)," Enzor said.

But other neighbors say they weren't surprised by the murder at 317 Strawberry Blvd. They say they've seen police at the home several times and could often hear the couple arguing. Earlier this year police say they responded to a domestic disturbance at the address. And when they showed up Bradford was heavily intoxicated.

Monday, an autopsy showed Jackson died from a blow to the back of the head. Police say they believe Bradford used the side of the hatchet to hit him while he was sleeping. But after admitting to the crime and showing them the murder weapon, police say Bradford asked for a lawyer. That leaves investigators and neighbors to question why she committed the crime.

"I'm a registered nurse. I've seen a lot of things, but for that to happen, I mean that's not just a crime of passion," Enzor said.

Bradford has an extensive criminal record including several drug charges. She was arrested last month for a break-in and robbery at a home just out side of Chadbourn. She is being held with no bond at the Columbus County Jail.

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Who cares, that was my

Who cares, that was my uncle, and he was the sweetest man ever, I hope they lock her away ever

aye excuse me well im sorry

aye excuse me well im sorry if dats ur uncle but dats my mama


i the tax payer will end up paying for this womans encarceration for the rest of my natual life and hers.

At least she will get dental care, which I dont.

Crime does pay in the USA

yall should not say dat

yall should not say dat stuff dat is my real mother. she gave me up and i was adopted.

santana dont worry about

santana dont worry about what ppl say bout OUR MOTHER they always gonna have something bad 2 say ... luv yhu lil sis from ya big sis .....

hey sis its good to hear

hey sis its good to hear frum you. I wish i culd see you sometimes and i really wish dat i kuld see our mother adn visit her in prison.

Well, Santanna, I'll have

Well, Santanna, I'll have you know that your "real" mother murdered my real father. I'll admit that he's made his own mistakes, but what he has done didn't warrant that kind of treatment. Your mom could have just walked away and gotten a restraining order if she was that tired of him. Then, she wouldn't be in the mess she's in right now. I believe that maybe your mom realized that after she did what she did. It appears that she realized the trouble you would have been in if she kept you knowing the kind of life she was choosing to live at the time. She must have been thinking about what was going to be best for you in the long-run. It is indeed heart-breaking that she didn't think about what would be best for herself. I respect her for turning herself in, but that doesn't change the fact that she is a criminal who needs to serve the time for the crime that she committed. know that I will be praying for you.

im sorry for the loss of ur

im sorry for the loss of ur father. I know its hard to lose someone you love. I hope you can forgive her for what she has done.