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'Chainsaw massacre' role-play revealed in Baker warrants


Associated Press

NEWTON, NC (AP) -- Past allegations of child abuse, a tangled relationship history and online "chainsaw massacre role-playing" were among the subjects probed by police investigating the death of a disabled 10-year-old girl in North Carolina.

Hundreds of newly unsealed court documents released Tuesday reveal that scrutiny in the disappearance and death of Australian immigrant Zahra Baker fell early on her stepmother and father, and has not wavered significantly since.

Among the new information in more than 200 pages of documents is that Elisa Baker, the girl's stepmother, told Hickory police that Zahra died on Sept. 24, more than two weeks before she was reported missing.

Elisa Baker's information led police to the girl's remains. Elisa Baker said Zahra had been dismembered after she died.

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When are they going to charge these beast ? It makes me sick to think of how much that poor child must have suffered at the hands of these animals. If they are charged, I hope and pray they are NOT executed, just given life without parole. Execution would be too easy of an out for them. They will be punished in prison for a long, long time. If they are guilty. From reading the news, how could they not be guilty ?

You think prison is

You think prison is punishment for them? Where they get 3 meals a day, TV, and they dont have to go to work or pay bills? thats punishment for us, who have to pay for it! They should move to the head of the line for death row!

Yes its punishment enough

Yea they get 3 meals and a cot, but that also comes with raping, beating, worried about getting cut up, and other horrendous things. These people need life in prison, death is too easy a way out. Ill happily pay taxes to keep people like this in there. People who kill children dont last long in prison, they are usually tortured and killed violently by other inmates.

ihope they get all of the

ihope they get all of the above!!! no child should have to go through any kinda of abuse! its sad to know children have such sorry excused for ""parents""..