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Changes could be coming for intersection at Oleander and College

READ MORE: Changes could be coming for intersection at Oleander and College
The intersection at Oleander Drive and College Road is one of the busiest in Wilmington. The Department of Transportation plans to make big changes to reduce the congestion, but not everyone is happy with their solution. A public hearing will take place tomorrow afternoon to gather feedback for proposed improvements to the intersection of US-76 and North Carolina 132. The plan, better known as the Quadrant Design, would include a ban on left hand turns and force drivers who do want to make a left to use a different intersection. Some residents and business owners think there are a few problems with the design. Local business owner Alvin Rogers said, "Tourists won't have a clue. People that get used to this will cut through neighborhoods to avoid this intersection if they're making left turns." If you are interested in speaking with North Carolina DOT officials about the project plans, the hearing will take place tomorrow night at Roland Grise Middle School from 4:30 p.m. until 6:30 p.m.. A formal presentation will follow at 7:00 p.m.

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I live in a neighboring

I live in a neighboring county to New Hanover. I never go to Wilmington unless it is an almost life or death thing. Wilmington is a city that really never had planning for roads for the future. They always just built a road where they needed it at the time.


I liked the comment about leland....and the u-turn district.....the ncdot has allowed a light and a u-turn to be placed on a hill/overpass.....yes that's right northbound 17 traffic will be blindly crossing the hump to find a light red and traffic turning infront of them......if they wanted to fix this intersection coll. & olean overpass would have corrected the problem years ago....I can only think of one overpass in this town....mlk bypass and the north drawbridge over cape fear....they almost got that one right but look at the long list of poor decisions they've made since....17 south in leland is all I need to say......and they pat themselves on the back for that mess....can't wait to see how they end up screwing this one up....moving the school or hughe mc ray park or a pharmacy....this is going to be fun to watch.....

I already avoid it

I will not be one of the people attending the "meeting" in reference to this proposal. Just in looking at the plan here and in the paper it is still clear that you are going to have to make a left turn somewhere, maybe not at the "big" intersection, in fact people turning left onto College to go south from Oleander will make 2 left turns based on the plan. What? 2 left turns to make one? To make a left from Oleander to go north on College you will take a 5 minute detour, go thru the light, turn right on Parkway, turn right on College, cross back over the road you were on originally and go north, then you stop at Peachtree, Wrightsville and then maybe you continue on. 10 to 15 minutes minimum at peak times just to turn left? No thanks , I will take my current 5 minute wait. Can you say "cut thru traffic" in neighborhoods will go up 1 billion percent? I already avoid this intersection at the peak times. In fact I try not to go North thru there at most times. A possible solution would be to widen Long Leaf Dr. 5 lanes all the way to Oleander from Shipyard. Just a straight road which allows truck and beach traffic around this intersection. They already use it. This would have 1 half of your traffic avoiding the intersection all together. Sorry residents, somebodys go to give. Or, knock down the drug stores (trust me they will rebuild, they sprout up like mushrooms around here) and just do the overpass. There are several great designs being used now, unlike the traditional on off ramps, high bridges, etc..DOT knows about these, I have seen several sprout up on I-40 in the Raliegh area over the last three years and in other areas of the country. Not to keep bashing this plan but has the DOT rode thru Hwy 17 in Leland lately. 10 stoplights in 2 miles, all changing at different times, most 1/4 of a mile apart at most. Now can you imagine the sign's we will have to put up to guide people thru this intersection, the confusion to our already high in tourist area? Take the example above about turning left to go to the College on "move in day". Look, there is no simple solution but this is stupid (for lack of a better word). If you are going to have to buy property anyway on Parkway then just spend it purchasing Commercial property at the intersection, build the overpass, move forward.

I thought of one more thing.

I recently noticed that this is a 38 million dollar project. By the time it's over 40-45 million? I can not justify spending 40 million on a already flawed traffic plan. Thats 40 million that could be put towards other needed infrastructure. Don't give up on making it better. Please add that 3rd or maybe even 4th north bound lane between Shipyard and Oleander. One continuous lane all the way to K-Mart/UNCW area and a right turn lane from Parkway up to Oleander to go East on Oleander. 1/2 of that backed up traffic would be dispersed. Open up Long Leaf Dr. from College all the way to Oleander (this was a plan once back in the day) 5 lanes to allow Beach/Mayfair traffic to avoid the intersection totaly. Make it No Through Trucks! They can go North up to I-40 or turn right on Oleander. All you guy's have to do is sit down and think and we can come up with several great alternatives. And now my threat....... ANY house,senate or local council and mayor that does not publicly stand up and put this to bed. I is way to costly for what it is, an impractable "solution" . They will NOT get a vote from me in your next election. Can you say Ricky may be employed shortly. Don't make me do it. 40 million is a lot of money.

Isn't That Just Great!

So then the traffic needing to turn left will go down one or two blocks, make the same left turn, then have to make a right. The DOT had the opportunity to purchase the 2 tracts of land needed to put an overpass in several years ago. They spent the needed money planting flowers along I-40!

Why not make College Road

Why not make College Road (I-40)one way..."Go West Young Man". That might help with some of the traffic issues we're facing.

Uhh, what about Market/New Center?

Market/New Center or College/New Center are some of the worst intersections in the city. Sometimes it takes 3 cycles of light to get through - not only because of traffic but the number of red-light runners there because everyone's frustrated having to wait. You can depend on 3 people running a light at every red. I've seen them do it in front of Wilmington's finest a number of times yet they sit there.... no wonder traffic's bad here.

Oleander/College left turn lanes

Why did the DOT even bother extending the left turn lane to College heading west on Oleander? Sounds like a waste of tax dollars to me. How about repaving the roads to cover pot holes, upgrading the lights to eliminate all the wires, etc. In my small community in Ogden a developer is going to construct a subdivision with hundreds of new homes but the trucks are tearing up the roads that cannot handle this type of traffic. The road is only 1 1/2 inch thick (measured it), serious cracks & holes over drainage systems, crossovers have serious sink holes, cracks-called the county but they don't respond at all. Take care of what's broken before going around making changes that may or may not work.

Turn Where?

This is a busy and frustrating intersection...I try to avoid turning left onto College when possible. But what are the alternatives?


are a bunch of DOLTS...they have made getting around town A HASSLE! You can't get in ANYWHERE on Market street without trying to merge over onto traffic that IS merging over the opposite direction to get in behind Wal-Mart and go thru there....I wonder sometimes if these guys finished college.

Wouldn't this make people

Wouldn't this make people traveling east take a left at the Pine Grove intersection? It would send all of that traffic right by an elementary school. Good plan...

Oleander and College

Of course it's one of the busiest but it WORKS!. Can't remember the last time I've seen an accident there after driving thru it twice a day for over 20 yrs

Did he really just say

Did he really just say they're going to send traffic on Park Avenue? Yeah, THAT'S a great idea, since Parkway Drive is designed to handle the volume of traffic that College and Oleander are. Oh wait. Brilliant, really. Let's send the traffic that normally goes down a road with what, 8 lanes, and send them down a road with how many lanes, where they still have to make left turns. THAT'S not going to back up traffic even worse. Nope, not at all.