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Charities Suffering this Holiday Season

READ MORE: Charities Suffering this Holiday Season
'Tis the season for charitable donations. But the Salvation Army and area churches say it's been the slowest season in more than a decade. Shiloh Baptist Pastor D.K. Ferguson says, "We've seen some downturn in the gifts that are being given, and those who are giving." Major Butch Mallard of the Salvation Army says, "Our monetary donations are down, and I think that has to do with the economy, but we have more people coming to us for assistance." The struggling economy means more people have fallen on hard times, forcing them to pinch pennies. "Persons needing help, persons who would not have normally called the church or even come to church have come to our church seeking assistance in some form or fashion," says Pastor Ferguson. The Salvation Army held a canned food drive. While Shiloh Baptist Church began collecting perishables for one local family to enjoy Christmas dinner. So far, donations are slim. "People are out of work, have lost their jobs, and some people are just on hard times, and now it's people coming to us who have never come to us for help before," says Mallard. But for members of the Shiloh Baptist Church, hard times mean an opportunity to come together. Congregation member Wanda Johnson says, "We find people coming together, because we have to realize, this is the reason for the season." Tough economy or not, the best gifts in life, are free.

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think its bad NOW...wait until the next administration gets in and starts taxing more to pay for those that don't deserve charity will go to ZERO if that happens...I get bled dry by the government already.

What is charity?

Sorry Guest 7969, but your CHARITY is already at ZERO since you feel that anyone needing help is undeserving. I know these are hard times for a lot of us, but I'm doing OK right now, so I've given to a battered spouse shelter and am writing a bigger check to Salvation Army than I planned. I'm doing it because I know how I'd feel if I needed help. Wasn't it Scrooge that said his taxes paid for the poor so why should he give to charity, even at Christmas?

Yes, old Ebeneezer was a fine fellow...

...until those four ghosts got him all confused and mixed up. They show up here at my house every Christmas Eve, but I'm happy to report that they leave in utter frustration every Christmas morning.


since you don't know exactly what comes out of my pocket to charity...your comments don't really mean much. Fact is, however, the more the Empire squeezes money out of its subjects...the less likely people are to give. That is what this article is about. OH...BAH HUMBUG!