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Chemical spill update

A chemical spill in Wilmington has been contained. Liquid fertilizer leaked from a tank at the Linder Morgan facility Friday night. The chemical is called UAN and is described as a standard farming fertilizer. It is non-toxic and non-flammable, but officials were concerned it would leak into nearby Smith Creek. According to a Kinder Morgan spokesperson, they have slowed the amount of product leaking out of the tank. It is not a threat to local water sources or those who live nearby.

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what spills next

Kinder Morgan acquires Wilmington terminal Sep 10, 2008 7:59 AM Kinder Morgan Energy Partners LP, Houston TX, has purchased a petroleum and chemicals products terminal in Wilmington NC, according to company information. The terminal, acquired from ChemServe Inc, stores and transfers a variety of products and has more than 40 storage tanks with over 1.1 million barrels of capacity, liquid and heated storage, and custom tank blending capabilities for agricultural and chemical products. Inbound and outbound services are available via rail, barge, ship, and truck. In addition, the facility handles several commodities, including caustic soda solution, urea-ammonium nitrate solutions, asphalt, methanol, and various liquid chemicals. With all the tank storage facilities in our area I would think people would wake up and be more concerned about the environment. You can't undo environmental damage.

Do you want them to go away?

That terminal has been there for many, many years. What would you like them to do - disappear? Welcome to REAL LIFE. Many industries, by their inherent nature, pose a risk if something goes wrong. You do everything you possibly can to prevent an accident and be prepared to mimimize the damage if there is an accident, but as we saw in Bhopol, you cannot engineer against human stupidity. You can never escape the dangers that are part and parcel in the petro-chemical industry. That said, you cannot enjoy the life you do without the petro-chemical industry. You need what is in those tanks.

Stop Titan Group...where are you??

The environmental impact of this spill is NOT being accurately reported. Urea ammonium nitrate is indeed common in fertilizer. It is NOT, however, safe and non-toxic. It starves oxygen. That is why pumps had to be placed in the Smith Creek area into the water in an attempt to limit the number of of fish deaths. Those of you who have been protesting Titan based on your "environmental" concerns, I am ready for you to step up to the plate and DEMAND answers, explanations, and stringent repurcussions from and for Kinder Morgan. If this does not outrage you, then you really have no business being concerned over Titan.


Excellent point...isn't it strange how quiet the opposition to Titan is, with this real and present concern? Their silence says a lot.